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Bouhammer at Blog World Expo 1

I am so glad to announce that again this year I will be a panelist at the main blogging conference in the country. It is called Blog World Expo. Last year the annual milblog conference was held in conjunction with the expo, and I was afforded the opportunity to be a panelist then. Just to give you an idea on the numbers that attend this conference, in 2008 there were over 280 speakers, over 15,000 in attendance and over 92 million people that watched on the internet.

This year we moved the annual Milblog Conference back to Washington DC, which we held in April. However Blog World Expo wanted to have dedicated milblog track so there are several panels chaired and ran by milbloggers on the first day of the conference.

I am honored and flattered to be sitting on a panel called Getting The Picture:  What’s Next for Milblogs? The description of the panel is below.

Audience demands and demographics are changing.  New technologies are emerging that, according to some, make blogs as much dinosaurs as print technology.  What does the future hold for milblogs?  Come join a panel of milbloggers and social media gurus as they discuss the future of milblogging.

I am sitting on this panel with some very esteemed bloggers and good friends. With me on this panel is my partner-in-crime on YouServed.com Blog and Radio show, CJ Grisham. Also my very close friend and brother-in-arms, Scott Kesterson who writes several blogs and is the director and film-maker of the acclaimed documentary, At War. The highly respected Scott Henderson from www.mediasauce.com is also sitting on the panel with us. Last, and certainly not least the panel is being moderated by my good friend and MilBlog Master, Matt Burden from Blackfive.

There are many panels over the three days, and I encourage you to click on the graphic below to learn more about the conference and see the entire schedule. However the milblog track is what is close to my heart and besides the panel I am on, the others are ; They Also Serve:  Spouse Bloggers, Best Milblogs You’ve Never Read, Milblogs:  Not Your Standard News Source. You should check out the breakdown of the other panels and see if your favorite milblogger in going to be on a panel at www.warriorlegacyfoundation.org/?page=BlogWorldExpo

If you are going to attend or live in the Las Vegas area, be sure and drop me a line at admin@bouhammer.com and let me know.

You can follow the Blog World Expo on Twitter at www.twitter.com/blogworld


This week’s You Served Radio Show and my new role

Folks, this is a show you do NOT want to miss. CJ has been working on getting someone from IVAW to come on the show for weeks. One has stepped forward and accepted the challenge, with another possibly coming on.  CJ and I will talk about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the war on terror, Winter Soldier, the upcoming elections, and what makes an IVAW Soldier. We are also planning on getting a phone in from Iraq blogger Big Tobacco who is currently deployed in theater. He blogs at http://www.sargeasmic.com/

Tune in to the show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/youserved this Thursday at 6pm CST/7pm EST.

Now you may have noticed that I said “we” a few times. The reason is that starting this week I will be co-hosting the show with CJ. A couple of weeks ago during one show I joked with CJ that we should do a show called “Top Talk” becuase we are both First Sergeants, which typically has the nickname “Top” in the Army. Well it is kind of going that way, and with my recent experience in Afghanitsan and CJs in Iraq we feel that we can both offer unique views. In addition, CJ is coming from the Active Duty side while I am coming from the National Guard side. I don’t think we will clash like Hannity and Colmes, but I am sure there will be issues and topics we won’t always agree on which will spawn some good discussions.

So I hope that you tune in this week and from now on. If you can’t tune in live, then you can always listen after the fact. Remember it is every Thursday from 7:00 PM-8:30M EST.