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Become a Fan of Special Ops Mission and Wil Willis 12

Last night was the 6th and final taped episode of Special Ops Mission starring 15 year Ranger and Pararescuemen Wil Willis. CJ and I interviewed Wil a while back for you served radio and then I wrote about the interview and posted a link at I then wrote a review of Special Ops Mission at

Those two postings have been some of the most popular and most searched on my site over the last few months. There are a lot of people who appear to like the show and are interested in Wil. Well I have good news for you fans, you can now become a fan of the Special Ops Mission & Wil Willis Fan Club United! Facebook Group. Wil himself is a member and is pretty quick in answering people’s questions, comments, etc. If you like the show, I suggest clicking on the Group name above and becoming a fan.

Now that the first 6 recorded episodes are over, I guess there are talks with the Military Channel about the topic of creating another season of the show or not. You can help with convincing them to continue with the show by voicing your opinion.

Some of the contact info to let the decision makers know how much you like the show.

Deborah Gottschalk

David Schaefer
Director, Communications

Kristin Brown
Vice President, Communications

When we interviewed Wil over at You Served Radio, the people at Military Channel were nice enough to send us a special Screener DVD for us to review. This DVD is a one of a kind. It has two episodes on it; AT SEA Episode 1: Aviation – Final Cut and the other is SPECIAL OPS MISSION Episode 1: Operation Urban Terror – Final Cut.

This series is not available for sale yet. We have been given permission to auction off the DVD in order to raise money for this month’s benefactor, Soldier’s Angels. This auction runs through next Thursday (Sept 24th). So here is your chance to grab a one of a kind DVD and in turn help out a great organization like Soldier’s Angels.

You can check out the auction at

Fundraising and 9/11 Tribute on You Served Radio

If you are not a regular reader of one of the other blogs I write on,, might I suggest heading over to to read a post I put up about how we at You Served Blog and Radio show are dedicating the proceeds from our eBay store to Soldier’s Angels during the month of September.

Also, be sure to tune in to You Served Radio tonight from 7-9PM EST to listen to our special 9/11 Tribute show. We will start the show with my good friend, huge troop supporter, and NYC resident, Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau.

Garry will be our only guest tonight as the rest of the show will be dedicated to CJ and I reflecting on and recounting the lives of some of those that fell on 9/11/01. Have your tissues handy as you may need them. Tears of pride and tears of sadness all taste the same.


Review of Special OPS Mission 19

Last night after co-hosting a great You Served Radio show that was packed with some great guests I finally got a chance to watch the new Military Channel show Special OPS Mission. This new reality show features Will Willis. On Wednesday, CJ and I interviewed Will for You Served Radio that will be played on a later date.

Will is an ex-Ranger and end AirForce Pararescue Jumper (PJ). PJs are like a EMTs on steroids that can take lives as easily and efficiently as they can save them.

The premise of this new type of reality show is similar to Survivor-man, in that Will operates largely independently. Except for strategically placed surveillance cameras, pretty much all the footage of Will is from the cameras he carries or are mounted to his weapon. He talks to the cameras (you the viewer) as he would a newbie on his team. He operates solo so there are no team members for him to talk to regularly. Just as he would coach a new team member on a training exercise, Will passes tidbits of info to the cameras explaining why he is doing something, his thought or decision making process, etc.

In the first episode his mission is in an abandoned hospital that four opposing force (OPFOR) members (who are two ex-Marine Force Recon guys, and ex-Navy Seal and an Ex-Army guy) have four hostages. Will’s mission is to “eliminate” the four opposing force members and rescue the hostages.

They are using special Simulation rounds that are like paintballs but they are loaded on the end of real brass casings and with gun powder. These special rounds are only available to military and law enforcement and can be fired from normal weapons.

I think it was a great show and was very accurate. There was not a lot of “Hollywood” to it. As Will and the OPFOR all acted as any professional soldiers would. I easily found myself half-way through the show yelling at the TV rooting for Will. Every time he took down one of the bad guys I was cheering.

For the normal civilian on the street or for the military family member who has maybe heard some acronyms or things in the house, this is a great teaching tool into the vernacular of the combat soldier. It also demonstrates the tactics and technical expertise of the combat soldiers of today and how there is so much more to effectively taking out an enemy than just pointing a weapon and pulling a trigger.

If you have Military Channel then be sure to catch the show. If not, then keep an eye on for when it becomes available on there.


I give Special OPS Mission a big Bouhammer Thumbs UP!!

Interview With Special Ops Mission Host Wil Willis 1

If you aren’t a member of the You Served Facebook group, then you missed a special notification of an interview we did live with the host of the new Military Channel series, Special Ops Mission. The show premiers tonight, August 13th, at 10pm EST. You can check out CJ’s review of the series at A Soldier’s Perspective. In the meantime,enjoy this exclusive You Served interview with host, Wil Willis.

Click HERE for the series calendar to catch a repeat.

04/30/09 You Served Radio

Tonight we will be catching up with film-maker and embedded freelance journalist/blogger, Scott Kesterson, live from Afghanistan. Scott’s film, At War, was just shown at the Annual Milblog Conference last weekend and is showing at the Buffalo-Niagara Film Festival this weekend. He has been out on missions the last few days and will be giving us a fresh perspective of how things are going on the front lines of the Global War on Terror.

We are also talking with Mark Baker, creator of the popular Army Times cartoon “PVT Murphy’s Law” ( Mark and CJ are old friends so it should be a good time to find out any dirt on CJ from the past. We will be talking about his very famous comic strip, the feedback he gets about it and how Murphy has grown over the years from a Private to a Sergeant.

Last but not least, Wesley Gray, author of “EMBEDDED: A Marine Corps Advisor Inside the Iraqi Army” will join CJ and Troy to talk about his book and the story he is trying to tell the world through this book.

Trailer: The Way We Get By 2

CJ and I interviewed the gentlemen who made this movie last week on You Served radio. This looks to be a truly phenomenal film. Watch the trailer below and you will see what I mean. In fact if you watch this and don’t end up with a lump in your throat or a tear in your eye, then you need to take your pulse…becuase you don’t have a heart.

The Way We Get By – watch more videos

Tonight on You Served Radio

Tonight we have another great show full of patriotic people. Our first guest is a civilian nurse who works at a military hospital and has cared for many of our wounded troops.

Then, we’re bringing back Eve Chase to close the loop on last week’s aborted show.

During the 8pm hour we’ll be talking with Aaron Gaudet, Director/Editor/Director of Photography of the film “The Way We Get By”. Check out the trailer at

We’ll also have SFC Angela McKinzie on as our Tribute to Freedom Soldier this week. I can’t think of a better place to be this week!