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Now it’s time to get your TWEET ON and win one for the team!!!   TO: Military mom’s, wives, sisters, nieces, cousins, girlfriends…you!!! FR: Vision-Strike-Wear.Com and Headquarters   Let’s get a military unit the support it needs and give them a morale shirt all for the simple price of […]

GET YOUR TWEET ON #MilitaryMon Style!

A week ago I was so happy to announce the new kick-butt twitter bird T-shirt that honors the #militarymon (Military Monday) trend. The shirt is a joint venture between, and and all proceeds go 100% to the Project Valour-IT initiative which is part of   You […]

Bouhammer.Com #MilitaryMon Shirts Featured in Soldiers Angels Press Release

Another new announcement from ( and Vision Strike Wear ( in conjunction with and Vision Strike Wear have developed and has for sale the very first Twitter-themed T-shirt honoring Military Monday, which is designated by the hashtag #militarymon. The front of the shirt has the hashtag #militarymon […]

New Bouhammer Shirt Honoring #militarymon on Twitter and raising money ...

Through an exclusive arrangement with Bouhammer Afghan & Military Blog (, Vision Strike Wear,, (Designers and Printers of custom military unit apparel) are providing a wonderful promotion to help out military units of any size, both in the US and abroad and the charity of the unit’s choice. Any […]

Vision Strike Wear and Bouhammer offer 10% to any military ...