The Sandbox

Yesterday a German NATO General called for 6000-7000 more troops in Afghanistan, and today our very own CJCS, Adm. Mike Mullen stated that his preference would be for 2 more additional combat maneuver brigades and an additional brigade for training forces. You can read it here, A while back, […]

Get Proactive

I Just wanted to drop a quick note to all and ask that you don’t forget the real reason for this long weekend. It is not about sales at Walmart or Lowe’s. It is to take a moment and remember all that have fallen in service to this country. Regardless […]

The Reason

I have been actively pursuing many different outlets to try and get a professional book review of The Sandbox book. In order for it to really take off and get huge national coverage and attention, it really needs a professional review. So I have written Glen Beck, Bill O’Rielly, Good […]

Book Review Needed