Soldier’s Angels

My buddy Marcus over at has put together a great deal for the readers of our blog and the Radio show. If you have never checked it out, be sure and head over to and from there you can link to the show archives too. In […] has a great book and an iPad for you

Now it’s time to get your TWEET ON and win one for the team!!!   TO: Military mom’s, wives, sisters, nieces, cousins, girlfriends…you!!! FR: Vision-Strike-Wear.Com and Headquarters   Let’s get a military unit the support it needs and give them a morale shirt all for the simple price of […]

GET YOUR TWEET ON #MilitaryMon Style!

This is a hot topic this morning in the “milblogosphere”. My buds over at (both Blackfive himself and Laughing Wolf) felt so strong about this they put up two postings about it HERE and HERE.   The Gun Blogger Rendezvous has been trying to support Project Valour-IT with a […]

PayPal does not like Guns, Soldiers or Soldier’s Angels

A week ago I was so happy to announce the new kick-butt twitter bird T-shirt that honors the #militarymon (Military Monday) trend. The shirt is a joint venture between, and and all proceeds go 100% to the Project Valour-IT initiative which is part of   You […]

Bouhammer.Com #MilitaryMon Shirts Featured in Soldiers Angels Press Release