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Heroes behind the scenes, Soldiers’ Angels 1

It is no secret that my family and this website are big supporters of Soldiers’ Angels. In fact all of the proceeds from the sale of items out of my Gear Store now go 100% towards Soldiers’ Angels. So I am happy to spread the word here and highlight this clip from Fox News where two guys I am lucky to call friends and “brothers”, Jeff Bader and Toby Nunn are interviewed about the mission of Soldiers’ Angels and the great things they are doing. 


These guys, along with all the “angels” that are part of the Soldiers’ Angels organization are true heroes behind the scenes. has a great book and an iPad for you 2

My buddy Marcus over at has put together a great deal for the readers of our blog and the Radio show. If you have never checked it out, be sure and head over to and from there you can link to the show archives too. In addition to the link to the show, you will find a linked ad to the You Served ebay auction store.

We get many guests on the YouServed Radio show that give and donate things to the show which we sell on the ebay store to raise money for the awesome charity of Soldier’s Angels. The auctions run Thursday-Thursday (because the radio show is on Thursday nights). Starting this Thursday Marcus has acquired the new book, Rage Company, A Marine’s Baptism by Fire (Amazon, Barnes & Noble) by Thomas Daly. In addition to getting this book if you win the auction, the publisher has also thrown in a BRAND NEW and much sought after iPad.

So the winning bidder, of the auction that starts on the 29th and will end on May 6th, will win not only this great new book but also a iPad. All in the name of Soldier’s Angels.

But you don’t have to wait until then to get some great stuff and help out Soldier’s Angels, because you can head over to the eBay Store now and bid on this week’s auctions. They are only gonna be up for 2 more days, so be sure and check out a brand new signed CD from Bridge of Sighs or a copy of the awesome book my Eric Blehm, “The only thing worth dying for”. I did a review of the book here on at We also had Eric on the You Served Radio show on Feb. 12th, and you can listen to that interview at

GET YOUR TWEET ON #MilitaryMon Style!

Now it’s time to get your TWEET ON and win one for the team!!!

TO: Military mom’s, wives, sisters, nieces, cousins, girlfriends…you!!!
FR: Vision-Strike-Wear.Com and Headquarters

Let’s get a military unit the support it needs and give them a morale shirt all for the simple price of FREE!!!

*Now let’s illuminate the terrain in which we find ourselves deployed*



Eligibility-Any female who has bought a #MilitaryMon Twitter shirt VSW135, and sends Vision-Strike-Wear.Com a photo with her wearing it, in some fashion. Bonus points for creativity. Do you think you have what it takes to win? Let’s find out!

Disclaimer– Vision-Strike-Wear is not responsible for any pictures used beyond display on Vision-Strike-Wear does not alter images and are displayed as they are received adhering to contest rules. No personal information or photos of contestants will be distributed to 3rd parties in any way.

Contest Period– Beginning on August 22nd and running until October 30th 2009, photos will be submitted and placed on Vision-Strike-Wear.Com’s Twitter Promotional Page for review. Winners will be announced on Halloween, October 31st .

For entry into the contest- Please submit one (1) Picture with return contact email so we can contact you and learn about the unit about to receive their t-shirts. Please let us know which unit will be the recipient of their morale t-shirts, and a point of contact so we can arrange the details of their customized t-shirts.

Please send your photos to


-Grand Prize- 48 t-shirts from any design on Vision-Strike-Wear.Com‘s store with added customized unit text shipped to the unit of your choice all FREE OF CHARGE!
-Runner-Up- 1 T-shirt from‘s on-line store

Judging– Held by Troy Steward of Bouhammer.Com, CJ from, and the staff at Vision-Strike-Wear.Com

Sponsor use of Entries-Entry pics are for contest use and for promotion of Vision-Strike-Wear.Com‘s products and services. 

Original Work of Authorship-All entry pics must be actual spouses, family members, or significant others or be disqualified. 

General Release– By emailing VSW with images for entry in contest participant agrees to the following that may place your photos on its website for display. Furthermore, Vision-Strike-Wear.Com cannot guarantee the authenticity of the photos submitted and cannot take responsibility for errors that may occur by submission of these photos.

Misc– The TwitterBird Shirts will stay at the reduced prices of $19.95 through the length of this contest 



PayPal does not like Guns, Soldiers or Soldier’s Angels 5

This is a hot topic this morning in the “milblogosphere”. My buds over at (both Blackfive himself and Laughing Wolf) felt so strong about this they put up two postings about it HERE and HERE.


The Gun Blogger Rendezvous has been trying to support Project Valour-IT with a pistol and customized firearm four day training session raffle.

The raffle tickets could be purchased through paypal, however it appears that pay-pal’s anti-constitution and gun views have caused them to shut down the entire account for this fund-raiser which provides an awesome product and service to our wounded warriors.


The statement from Soldier’s Angels Executive Director, Patti Patton-Bader says it all:


Online donations through PayPal are a huge part of our fundraising. They shut down our entire account-not just the raffle button—for twelve hours right in the middle of an email fundraising push. Looking at the Terms of Use, we couldn’t understand where we’d gone wrong, but we had to immediately remove the raffle so we could get back online ASAP. This just breaks our hearts because we were so excited about the tremendous fundraising impact the Gun Blogger Rendezvous raffle was already having.


Just to be clear, this site also supports Project Valour-IT. I wrote about my own fundraising efforts for them here,

Bouhammer.Com #MilitaryMon Shirts Featured in Soldiers Angels Press Release 1

A week ago I was so happy to announce the new kick-butt twitter bird T-shirt that honors the #militarymon (Military Monday) trend. The shirt is a joint venture between, and and all proceeds go 100% to the Project Valour-IT initiative which is part of


You can check out the Press Release at,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=370&cntnt01origid=15&cntnt01returnid=15


Once again, milblogger “Bouhammer” is paying it forward. This time he has teamed up with Vision Strike Wear and Greta from Kiss My Gumbo to sell a t-shirt that will support the troops. All proceeds from Bouhammer’s new Twitter-themed shirt will go Soldiers’ Angels Project Valour-IT.


Vampires support Soldier’s Angels 2

My good buddy, Vampire6 over at has teamed up with Vision Strikewear out of Portland, OR. This company is owned by a group of Marine Reservists and they have agreed to sell the shirts on their website and donate $5 for every shirt sold to Soldiers Angels. Vampire6’s team makes no money from the sale of these shirts.

So this helps a new startup company, which is ran by real warriors help Soldier’s Angels and the warriors they support. This is the type of “stimulus” our country needs. Do your part and order a Team Vampire shirt today by clicking here,