Scott Kesterson

I am so honored to have hosted the first ever Bouhammer Roundtable podcast this last weekend. I am joined on this podcast by two regular contributors to the Bouhammer blog, Mike T. and Scott Kesterson. In this podcast, which is actually #13 on this site (not #12 as I stated […]

1st Bouhammer Roundtable Podcast

The Counterinsurgen​cy Academy is located in Kabul, Afghanistan at the base of the ruins of the Queens castle. The purpose of the Academy is to teach and expand the doctrine of population centric concepts for operations in Afghanistan, and beyond. The contributions the Academy is making to Gen. McChrystal’s strategy […]

Guest Blogger: Scott Kesterson-Donations needed for COIN Reference Library

This morning I posted an urgent update about this story with links to PJ Tobia’s blog. Here is another update from Scott to me along with several pictures.   Eight suicide bombers attacked Gardez today. Two detonated themselves, four were killed by Afghan forces before being able to detonate their […]

UPDATE of Gardez Situation from Scott Kesterson

PJ Tobia has talked to Scott Kesterson who as many of you know is in the Gardez area. Scott gave PJ a live description from on the ground of what happened in Gardez today. Gardez was one of 3 cities in eastern Afghanistan where Government buildings were simultaneously attacked. “There […]

URGENT- Live Reports from Gardez Bombings