Secretary of State Hillary Clinton apologized Tuesday for the NATO airstrike that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers last year — and announced that Pakistan has agreed to re-open supply lines into Afghanistan that have been closed since the incident.
“We are sorry for the losses suffered by the Pakistani military,” she said in a statement Tuesday.

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Yep that is all we need to do. Just bow down and kiss their butts. This sends a great message to the Muslim world whom only respects strength and dominance. This makes us not look like the “Great Satan”, but instead the “Great Wussy”. I guess next we will apologizing to Iran for flying a drone over their country or maybe to North Korea for watching them from┬ásatellites.

This is truly a sad thing to witness.

Mullah Omar had meeting with representatives from Pak Govt, ISI

Just picked up this story a few minutes ago. I can’t say I am surprised and this shows why we don’t trust Pakistan as far as we can throw them.

Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Muhammad Omar had a meeting with “representatives from the Pakistani government and the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISID)”, a recently leaked Guantanamo file has revealed.

“As of February 2005, Mullah Satter attended a meeting with Mullah Mohammed Omar in Quetta, PK. The meeting included high-level Taliban leaders Mullah Abdul Bari, Mullah Mohammed Nabi, Mullah Akhtar Mohammed Osmani, representatives from the Pakistani government and the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISID),” the Threat Matrix, a blog of The Long War Journal, quoted a recently leaked threat assessment authored at Guantanamo, as saying.

“Mullah Omar told the attendees that they should not cooperate with the new infidel government (in Afghanistan) and should keep attacking coalition forces,” it added.

This is not a real shocker because it is known that the Pakistani military-intelligence establishment has sheltered Mullah Omar for years, the report said, adding that it would be most interesting to find out who the “representatives from the Pakistani government” were.

Another leaked Gitmo file says that former detainee Abdul Hafiz, who quickly rejoined the Taliban’s jihad after being transferred in December 2009, was part of an insurgency group that “consisted of 40 to 60 Taliban and HIG fighters who were ordered by a Quetta-based Taliban commander on a mission to conduct attacks against Westerners and Afghans sympathetic to the Afghan Transitional Authority.”

The same file says that in January 2003, “three Pakistani military officers provided one month of training for the group in explosives, bomb-making, and assassination techniques. This training was conducted in preparation for a planned spring campaign to assassinate Westerners.”

In March 2003, this Pakistani-trained Taliban/HIG group kidnapped and assassinated a Red Cross worker.t is no wonder, then, that yet another leaked Gitmo file includes the ISI on a list of “terrorist and terrorist support entities” associated with al Qaeda and the Taliban, the report said.

The US officials who authored the document wrote: “Through associations with these groups and organizations, a detainee may have provided support to al Qaeda or the Taliban, or engaged in hostilities against US or Coalition forces.” (ANI)

Sustaining the Stereotype

Most Afghans and Pakistanis are stereotyped as people that want hand-outs all the time and pretty much look worse than any welfare mother in the USA. Now this idiot, who is the Pakistani Ambassador to the United States is just sustaining the stereotype and making it more visible.

I think it would be in Pakistan’s best interest to recall this idiot back to the home country as quickly as possible before they get a PR black-eye.,2933,513918,00.html

Saw this one coming

A while back I wrote a posting about this right here on February 10th. In fact at the end of the posting, I said “If this happens, remember you heard it here first….–

We are no longer using or we are barely using routes through Pakistan to transport goods and supplies for our war in Afghanistan. We are not indebted to Pakistan for the use of their ports and routes. So it appears that officially the gloves are coming off.…throwing down the trump card long before anyone else knows they are in the game.