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An Update about a Terrible Marine

Earlier today I wrote about the Marines who were ordered to get rid of their weapons in order to meet with the SecDef.  I just picked up the following update from telegraph.uk

Major General Mark Gurganus later said he gave the order because Afghan troops attending the talk were unarmed and he wanted the policy to be consistent for all.

A commenter on this blog post earlier today told me the same thing.

Having a General give this order is even worse than a DA Civilian doing it. This General should be relieved immediately. He should also renounce himself being a Marine and be ashamed of himself.

What does this say of him as a leader if he can’t trust his own Marines? What does it say of him as a leader if he doesn’t trust the men he leads? I am disgusted a someone who called themselves a General and a Marine would give such an order.

Happy Birthday Marine Corps

On this day in 1775 in Philadelphia at a place called Tun Tavern, the Marine Corps was born. Samuel Nichols was the founder at the time. 

I have never been a Marine but I have stayed in a few Holiday Inn Express hotels and I have many Marine friends besides working with them a lot during my military career. 

So to the Corps I say Semper Fi and Happy Birthday!


Marine C-130s are now Missile equipped 1

This is a great video produced by the NRA of Oliver North showing the new Missile equipped C-130 the Marines have. It is sort of like a AC-130 Spectre Gunship that the Air Force flies, but not as heavily armed.


If the above video does not work, you can click on http://www.nralifeofduty.tv/#/cololivernorth/VideoModule/477 to watch it on the NRA site.

A sad day for MARSOC and the Corps 1

My heart goes out to the families, friends and comrades of these brave young Marines. It is one thing to lose your life in combat to the enemy. It is a shame to lose it in an accident.

The Department of Defense announced Wednesday the deaths in Afghanistan of three Camp Lejeune-based Marines assigned to Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command.

Staff Sgt. Patrick R. Dolphin, 29, of Moscow, Pa.; Sgt. Dennis E. Kancler, 26, of Brecksville, Ohio; and Sgt. Christopher M. Wrinkle, 29, of Dallastown, Pa., died July 31 in Herat Province, Afghanistan, according to DoD reports.

Dolphin, Kancler and Wrinkle were assigned to 2nd Marine Special Operations Battalion, Marine Special Operations Regiment, U.S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command.

According to MarSOC officials, the deaths were a result of a non-combat related incident that also left one Marine and one Soldier injured. Marine Corps Times reported that the three Marines and a military dog were killed when their living quarters caught fire in Afghanistan.
The incident is under investigation, officials said, and more information will not be released until the investigation is complete. The names of the injured troops have been withheld.


Notes from the front in Afghanistan

My good friend Andrew Lubin is back in Afghanistan on what is like his 6th or 7th trip there. He is again writing up his blog posts for Leatherneck magazine called “Notes from the Field”. 

This is classic COIN, taken from the “Small Wars Manual,” as the Marines interact with the Afghan farmers, elders and bazaaris (merchants), including teaching the children basic English while learning equally basic Pashtu. From the amount of mutual waving and smiling, as well as the locals tipping off the Afghan Army-Afghan Police to a 350- pound cache of IED-making materials two weeks ago, it is clearly an effective strategy. There has not been a firefight or IED incident in some two months. When the prior Marine unit here opened Patrol Base Achmed, knowing the Marine reputation for fighting, the Taliban quickly left the area, and only sporadically return (see my May 25, Operation Arctic Elephant report).

Head over to http://www.mca-marines.org/leatherneck/notes-field-leathernecks-andrew-lubin-afghanistan and give Andy’s latest dispatch a read. If you want to know what is happening in Afghanistan what better place to read than a guy who is there writing notes from the field.