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Have you seen the decals?

We have had them available for a while but I was not sure if you had seen the designed decals we have available in our gear store.

The 9/11 Decal below is a exclusive that I designed myself. It takes into account all three locations of 9/11/01. The shape is that of the Pentagon, of course the skyline is that of the World Trade Center towers and UA 93 is the flight number of the plane that went down in Pennsylvania.

Notice it is Red, White and Blue. However there is black in the top of the sky to signify the sorrow, mourning and loss we all experienced that day and that the families and friends of those 3000 still experience today.

The 9/11 Tribute decal

The picture does not do this justice because of the glare from the protective covering, but you get the idea. It will look great on the car window, at the office or at home showing how you have never forgotten about those who lost their lives on that terrible day or the thousands who have died since fighting to avenge for those attacks.

Of course I also have to have the signature logo represented. The classic design created by myself and the designers at The Bouhammer eagle and flag looking down over the country of Afghanistan.

Another one that does not look great in the picture but looks great in person. If you notice there is white around the actual decal. That is the edge of the decal itself. The off-white is just the backing, which is the same case as the 9/11 decal.

Click on either image to go directly to the Bouhammer Gear Store and place your order today. While you are there check out to see all the other designs available for T-shirts, decals, hoodies, Coffee Mugs and many other items.

New ETT Team T-shirt Design available for pre-order 4

I am excited to announce another addition to the Bouhammer Gear Store. This design was done by members of the ETT team that were in Gulistan, Afghanistan from 2007-2008 and the actual graphics work man-hours were donated by Solari Creative.

The design was created by the team and for the team, but they wanted to open it up to anyone who may like it. Since they are not looking to make any money, the team is donating 100% of any proceeds from the sale of the T-shirt to the Wounded Warrior Project. This shirt is located on one of my T-shirt partner sites, You can get to it by clicking HERE. The shipping is only $3.35 and the T-shirt only cost $19.95.

A Zoomed in view of the graphic is below;
ETT Rogue logo

What the graphic says is “ETT Rogue 1-2, Gulistan Afghanistan, Dropping Bombs with a Smile”.

This design is in a special PRE-ORDER timeframe until Veteran’s Day, November 11th, 2009. After that day, then all the shirts will start getting produced.

You know You’re an ETT/PMT When TShirt design now available 3

I am so glad to announce another new T-shirt design in the Bouhammer Gear Store. This one is a funny one, or at least funny to those that have been Embedded Trainers  and Police Mentors to the Afghanistan National Army and Police. I relied on my own experiences, along with those from many other ETTs and PMTs to come up with this list. There were so many good ideas from people, that it was tough to narrow it down to the original idea of a “Top 10” list. So we had to make it a “Top 12” list.

What makes it so funny is that everything is true. The actual printing is very clear to see, but the graphic below is tough. You can find the actual text of the list below. This graphic can be placed on the front or back of the shirt. The T-shirts this is printed on come in a variety of colors, so be sure and look through the list.

This design is now available on the Bouhammer Gear Store. You can click HERE to go to the order form or click the image below. Also note this is the cheapest Bouhammer Gear Store T-shirt design yet. In working with the folks from, we were able to bring the price down to a hopefully affordable price for all, $18.95. We also have the shipping down to bare-bottom prices at only $3.35. You can’t beat that for a price on a sharp looking, high-quality shirt and have it shipped to your house. And don’t forget, there is no sales tax on purchases at the Bouhammer Gear Store.

You Know You’re An ETT/PMT When..

1. You find yourself becoming the commo repairman, mechanic, armorer, carpenter, medic, and entertainer because you are too far out for support.
2. You start stripping your gear down to “lighten the load”.
3. You look to your left and right in a firefight and see more Afghans than Americans fighting with you.
4. Right before you begin a mission you aren’t surprised that your ANA/ANP don’t have food, water, or fuel in their vehicles.
5. You realize the ANA/ANP can always fit one more soldier in the back of a Ford Ranger.
6. You miss your time by 30 minutes and you think “That’s Pretty Good”.
7. You use INSH’ALLAH to your Chain of Command when something bad happens.
8. You walk into a Green Bean Coffee and they don;t know your order automatically.
9. You consider close air support and medevacs a privilege, not a requirement.
10. Nobody has ever heard of the Forward Operating Base you’re from.
11. You know the name of the local Taliban Commander but not the guy who’s supposed to send you supplies.
12. You consider a ball cap and a shemagh a normal part of your uniform.

You Know You Are an ETT/PMT When…


New Bouhammer Gear Store Sept 11th Tribute Shirt and Decal Available

I am so happy to announce that we have our 2nd original design available in the Bouhammer Gear Store. This one is a joint design between the great guys at Vision Strike Wear and myself. This design is also coming out just in time for the 8th Anniversary of the terrible attacks on this country on September 11th, 2001.

We wanted to honor all the victims of the attacks by representing all three locations that planes went down. As with the other shirts in the Bouhammer Gear Store, the main graphic can be customized to appear on the front or the back of the shirt. However if you get it on the back, you also have the option (for free) to have the special graphic honoring all three locations printed on the front left chest area. This graphic is also available as a decal in the Bouhammer Gear Store.


Front Left Chest pocket design/decal

The main design concept is a composite from several different photos taken when I was in Afghanistan. It has been tweaked some to give it originality and to give the design a look and feel we felt was important. In other words, the front design says we acknowledge what you (Al-Qaeda/Taliban) did to us, and the back says now this is what we are doing to you in response.


9/11 Tribute design

Not only is this new design being unveiled for ordering today, but also a whole new line of items to have it printed on.

Starting with this design (but the other designs will soon have these available too), you can not only get this printed on a men’s style T-shirt, but we not have available Hooded Sweatshirts, Crewneck Sweatshirts, Men’s Tank Tops, Women’s Relaxed Fit T-shirts and Women’s Spaghetti Tank Tops.

So please check out the Bouhammer Gear Store today to take a look at and hopefully order not only this new timely design, but also any other of the designs we have.

Don’t forget that just like all the other shirts in the Gear Store, 100% of the proceeds are going to some awesome troop-supporting charities. Check out the Bouhammer Gear Store to learn more.

Big Bouhammer Gear Store Announcements 1

Announcement #1

I am glad to announce that that we have a sale on all Bouhammer Gear Store T-shirts that have all proceeds going to four awesome charities that they support (Fisher House, Not Alone, Soldier’s Angels and Books For Soldiers). Vision Strike Wear has been kind enough to cut into their costs in order to make these shirts more affordable but also keep the same amount of money going to the charities. and Vision Strike Wear realizes that this economy is hitting everyone hard and just based on the poll I put up today we see from the readers of this blog that many like the designs but cannot necessarily afford to splurge on the T-shirts. In order to help raise more money for the shirts we are doing what we can to lower the cost and make them more affordable and hopefully more attractive to all.

From now until the end of August the price of the Bouhammer Gear Store T-shirts is down from $22.95 to $19.95.

 photo shirt1  yhst-42000695909641_2067_72094728


Announcement #2

We now have available for sale in the Bouhammer Gear Store, an awesome new collection of giftware.  10% of all sales of anything in the Giftware section will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

We have four different designs of Skull Banks that are 6.5" inch hand painted resin and very sharp looking money banks. They represent the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines. Check them out today in the Bouhammer Gear Store near the bottom of the page.

MARN_Giftware_skullsAF_Giftware_skulls NAVY_Giftware_skulls yhst-42000695909641_2062_20222317


Announcement #3

In addition to the money banks we also have available some hot and eye-catching figurines that are tailored to represent some of the different services. There are two Marine styles (Grunt and Dress Uniform), an Army Commando, a Navy Submarine Girl and a Navy Seal. These are also hand-painted resin figurines that will make the perfect gift for the warrior you know or for yourself. To check them out and place your order, head to the Bouhammer Gear Store and scroll to the bottom to see all the styles. If you click on the pictures, it will open up a much larger version so you can see and appreciate the detail of each figurine.

commando ping classaslippery yhst-42000695909641_2062_20234301

Bouhammer Hat Special 1

Due to an overstock situation and the following style being discontinued by Port Authority, I am lowering the price of the following Bouhammer embroidered hat. This hat is a fitted, stretch hat that comes in Black with a khaki bill as you see in the picture. The price has been lowered to $16.00, so click on the picture below and order today to get yours!!!


Two-Tone Fitted Hat

Description- 97/3 brushed cotton twill/spandex, Mid-Profile structured Fitted Cap
Colors- Black with khaki bill
Price – $16.00

Check out the new Shirts 2

The Bouhammer Gear Store ( is maturing and now has a series of shirts available.

The guys at Vision Strike Wear (VSW) have been kind enough to donate many of their own designs towards my fund-raising effort in the store. We have decals, and shirts available now, but there are also hats, polo shirts, button down shirts, and more specific shirts coming in the very near future.

However there are many items, like additional designs, more decals, hoodies, coins, women’s tank tops, playing cards, etc., that will also be coming out over the coming months.

You can see all the items as they become available at

The T-Shirts will have all profits donated to the following charities in equal amounts:
Not Alone,
Fisher House,
Soldier’s Angels,
Books For Soldiers,

If you go to the Vision Strike Wear Bouhammer store (, you can order them directly from VSW’s site. The only shirt on there that will not be split up among all 4 charities, and instead go entirely to Soldier’s Angels is the custom-made Vampire ETT shirt. VSW went ahead and listed that shirt on Bouhammer Gear Store.

Please allow for up to 3 weeks for delivery.
If you can help me, but more importantly help the four charities above by spreading the word it would be greatly appreciated., taking the next step….