This afternoon I participated in another DOD sponsored Bloggers Roundtable sessions with COL McGrath, who is the Commander of ARSIC-South. ARSIC South has lost a lot of coalition (US and non US) soldiers/marines in the last nine days. In addition, they have had the now-famous Kandahar prison break happen and […]

Blogger’s Roundtable with COL McGrath #3

You should head over to the ARSIC South blog site and check out this entry, . It looks like this was reprinted from a reporter’s story, but what makes me want to spread the word about this is the fact that he captures exactly what I tell a lot […]

A good story

Wanna see the latest happenings in ARSIC South? ARSIC-South is the 205th Corps Area of Operation in southern Afghanistan. This includes Helmend, Khandahar, Zabul, Uruzgan, Zabul, and Nimroz provinces to name a few. You can download or view the latest newsletter from that area by going to

May 31 ARSIC South Newsletter

I stumbled across this blog today, which is written by an embedded reporter from Canada. He is hanging in the southern sector where all the Canadian forces are and many of my previous soldiers that used to serve under me. His writing is very good and this is one […]

Canadian view of Afghanistan