173rd Airborne

Video from the 173rd in Afghanistan 9

The quality of video production from soldiers continues to impress the hell out of me. I remember when I made my videos while in country, thinking they were really good. They are nowhere near good when you look at the videos coming from soldiers in the last year.

I love the info quote on this video. It says what this blog has been trying to say for several years.

If you think Iraq is worse than Afghanistan or didn’t even know there was a major conflict in Afghanistan, slap yourself then watch this video.

A MUST READ about Attack at Wanat 6

Here are the first details of the attack on the outpost and FOB at Wanat in Kunar Province Afghanistan. This story is the result of interviews with survivors of the attack while they are recuperating in Landstuhl, Germany. I had no doubt that there was going to be some great stories of bravery to come out of this terrible attack. This is the first recount I have read of the attack and I am sure there are more to come.

The terrible loss of 173rd Airborne soldiers has been all over the news lately. I encourage you to take 5 minutes and read the following story. Take some time and try to imagine the hell they were going through as they were fighting for their lives.


Rest in Peace Paratroopers 5

  The Department of Defense announced today the death of nine soldiers who were supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. They died of wounds suffered when their outpost was attacked by small arms fire and rocket propelled grenades from enemy forces in Wanat, Afghanistan, on July 13. They were assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 503d Infantry Regiment (Airborne), 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, Vicenza, Italy.


Killed were:


1st Lt. Jonathan P. Brostrom, 24, of Hawaii.


Sgt. Israel Garcia, 24, of Long Beach, Calif.


Cpl. Jonathan R. Ayers, 24, of Snellville, Ga.


Cpl. Jason M. Bogar, 25, of Seattle, Wash.


Cpl. Jason D. Hovater, 24, of Clinton, Tenn.


Cpl. Matthew B. Phillips, 27, of Jasper, Ga.


Cpl. Pruitt A. Rainey, 22, of Haw River, N.C.


Cpl. Gunnar W. Zwilling, 20, of Florissant, Mo.


Pfc. Sergio S. Abad, 21, of Morganfield, Ky.


I knew this was coming and was very sad to see it today. I was surprised by the number of Corporals that were killed in the battle of Wanat. Even though this was sad to see today, it was sickening for me to see that ISAF pulled out of the combat outpost that these guys died on just days after they were killed and before their bodies are even home.  ISAF had our paratroopers pull out and let the enemy take over the outpost. The enemy will no doubt use this as a propaganda opportunity to show how they scared the big and bad United States Army.

This makes me think that maybe Bill Clinton is in charge of ISAF, as this is déjà-vu from 1993 and Somalia.

Powerful video of selfless service

I came across this video over at Blackfive.net. It is described as the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Afghanistan performing a medevac mission of 3 “heroes” at night in the mountains. I encourage you to head over to http://www.blackfive.net/main/2008/05/memorial-day–1.html and check out the text that goes along with this video. Blackfive does a good job and explaining the risks and factors that go into a mission like this. I could do a cut and paste, but I don’t want to steal from a fellow milblogger without giving them the credit.

So take 4 minutes out of your day and watch the very powerful video below, showing selfless service and bravery my pilots and medics to extract and save some war-fighters.