Review of The Fighting Season

If you haven’t seen it, I suggest checking out The Fighting Season and learning a little more about what you absolutely won’t see in the news at all. Produced by Ricky Schroeder, this documentary series spends time on the ground in Afghanistan in current times as our military is drawing down and preparing to pull […]


You tell ’em, and in fact tell America

God Bless this young lady. What a refreshing moment to not only see a member of the media say this, but just anyone say this publicly. This is worth the watch, every second.    

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Sheepdogs Unite

When I came back from Afghanistan, the sheeple, the politically correct, the ones scared of our warrior class labeled it a negative and dark word. They called it hyper-vigilance and it was supposed to be a symptom of being “damaged” from war. I was told “you don’t need to have a weapon with you all […]

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Stew and The Nunn Radio coming!

A new online show will be hitting the online airwaves on August 11th, 2015, and then airing every Tuesday night after that starting at 8PM EST. It will be broadcasted live on Blog Talk Radio at This is a show that will focus on Security, Policy, Politics and Selfless Service. It will last 90 […]


Just keep on cutting….until you need them AGAIN

So the Army is being forced to cut more soldiers from its ranks, combat-hardened and experienced soldiers at that. Which individually are very valuable to their tradecraft than just being a soldier. Army Announces Force Structure and Stationing Decisions   The Department of the Army announced today force structure decisions and stationing plans for the […]

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