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This is the way it should be done

A great story was recently posted on about a covert mission that happened in 1987. The title of the story is ” The US Army‚Äôs Night Stalkers Once Helped Steal an Attack Helicopter From the African¬†Desert” It is a great story about how the USA was able to procure a cutting-edge Russian HIN-D helicopter […]


Range 15

The Video says it all, but to summarize…Nick, Tom and the boys from RangerUp along with Matt B. and the Article15 crew along with Tim Kennedy, and a couple of MoH recipients thrown in for good measure are looking to make a movie to shame all movies. They need your help to get it over the […]


At least it is something

I am sure he only wrote this GoldStar Mom back because of he media backlash. Gen. Martin Dempsey is used to giving orders, but it was an apology he issued Monday to Debbie Lee, after the Gold Star mom complained that the joint chiefs chairman trivialized the Iraqi town where her son became the first […]

Photo Credit: Ranger Up

VOTD- “They call me Doc…”

Today’s Video of the Day is a tough one to listen to, however it rings true. Thank you so much to my wife for sending this to me to watch. I can tell you now that it is worth the few minutes it will take and unless you want to leak all over your keyboard, […]


Bless his heart…

So HE wants to be called a she, so HE can feel better about himself huh? “This is an important distinction for Chelsea, both personally and legally,” attorney Nancy Hollander tells PEOPLE. Hollander, who is handling the criminal appeal in Manning’s case, filed the motion regarding the use of pronouns. “But it’s most important on […]

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