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Happy Veteran’s Day Message from Nick Palmisciano and Ranger Up

There have been several good friends of mine writing what Veteran’s Day means to them today for this blog. I know Nick is super-busy so I didn’t bother in asking him to write something, but as always he went above and beyond and did a video that is better than writing a post. He didn’t do it for but I am going to embed it here because it goes with the theme and quite frankly, it just friggen awesome. So here you go, Nick from explaining the difference between the media’s perception of Veterans and reality.



Range 15   Recently updated !

The Video says it all, but to summarize…Nick, Tom and the boys from RangerUp along with Matt B. and the Article15 crew along with Tim Kennedy, and a couple of MoH recipients thrown in for good measure are looking to make a movie to shame all movies.

They need your help to get it over the goal line.

I even heard JJ Abrams is giving up and running off to the Peace Corps now*



Check out their IndieGoGo page for raising these funds at

*this cannot be verified and may in fact not even be true.

VOTD- “They call me Doc…”

Today’s Video of the Day is a tough one to listen to, however it rings true. Thank you so much to my wife for sending this to me to watch.

I can tell you now that it is worth the few minutes it will take and unless you want to leak all over your keyboard, grab a tissue now. Truer words have never been spoken