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I found this on and knew it was something I wanted to share with my readers.

Each year, Americans can enjoy four special days set aside specifically to honor our veterans and comrades in arms. Sadly, too many of us often overlook these opportunities to pay our respect and recognize the sacrifice and service of these individuals. These four days are intended to, in some small way, express the sentiments of a grateful nation. So what does it say of us when we forget, overlook, or simply brush aside the opportunity to honor the best among us?

I understand that today our lives are more complicated and busier than ever. We have so much going on in our lives these days; school getting out, visiting relatives, graduations, and any number of other competing priorities. I hope each of us were able to honor all our heroes last November on Veteran’s Day. But what about the other days?

It’s perhaps easy to seek and find forgiveness for not making it out to a veteran’s cemetery last Memorial Day Monday. After all, who of us is not grateful for a day off or for a chance to sleep in, fire up the grill, catch a new summer blockbuster, and recharge our batteries?

The American Flag which flies above the Memorial

The American Flag which flies above the USS Arizona Memorial

Go read Retired Chief Master Sgt. Scott Hubbartt’s entire piece at

Unapologetically Boston

The boys at Ranger Up are trying to do their part for the first responders of the Boston area who were just the center of the Nation’s attention last week. They have created a Unapologetically Boston Shirt, which is a play on the words of their Unapologetically American line of clothing.

We’ve designed this shirt at the request of many of the police in Boston. For every shirt purchased, we will also donate one shirt to the Boston or Watertown Police Departments, in addition to the 500 we are already sending their way. The rest of the profit will be donated to either the victims or the police departments. We will make no money off of this shirt. 

The shirt is a modification of our Thin Blue Line T-Shirt. It has the words Unapologetically Boston on the front, with a thin blue line representing the Police Force. The words Boston Strong are on the sleeve , and the back contains Ranger Up’s phrase: “There are wolves. There are sheep. I am the Sheepdog.” inspired by David Grossman’s amazing article.

So to recap, we are donating 500 of these shirts to the Boston and Watertown Police, plus for every shirt you buy:

1) You get a shirt.

2) A Boston Cop gets a shirt.

3) Any remaining profit goes to charity.

4) We will make no money off of this. This is just for the boys and girls in Boston.




So head over to and put in your pre-order for this shirt. This is a great thing they are doing for those that “run to the gunfire”.

Let me also point out that this last weekend, members of Ranger Up went to Boston and opened up some bar tabs for all members of the law enforcement and first responders in the Boston area. I sure wish I could have been with them as I am sure it was an awesome time.

Below is what I wrote about this day two years ago. I am amazed that it has been two years since Tim was stolen from this world and from everyone that knew and loved him. As I said several times in the original post below,  the only solace I have is he did die doing what he loved.

This week, someone I consider a friend, and a very close friend of Tim’s, Sebastian Junger released a documentary about Tim called “Which way is the front line from here? The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington” on HBO. A close friend of mine watched it and told me how emotional it made him and how much it moved him learning more of Tim’s background. Just reading his words about the film brought out pains in my heart. I haven’t watched it yet, but know I will need to soon one day. I am so glad Sebastian made this, and I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for him to do it.

Many knew Tim through his imagery, but few were lucky enough to know him as a person. I will always cherish my time talking to him in person, on email, the phone or on Facebook.

Even though it is a day for me to celebrate, it is and always will be a bittersweet day. It will be a day that the world as a whole had a little something stolen from it.

The flag in front of my house is at half-staff for you today brother!


The Trailer for “Which way is the front line from here? The Life and Time of Tim Hetherington”


I had been planning this post since yesterday. How was I going to blog about my birthday. My thoughts were to write about how 42 years ago today I took my first breath and saw my first light at Ft. Bragg NC to a young military family with a father home on emergency leave from serving as a Green Beret in Vietnam and a country girl mom who had grown up a lot in a short 10 years of marriage.

It was not common for soldiers to get to come home from war in Vietnam for the birth of their child, but since my mom had lost two other sons at birth, I was high-risk and they brought him home from the jungles of Vietnam or Laos or Cambodia or wherever he was at that time.

Yes I was gonna write a little about how Bouhammer came to be in this world and celebrating my birthday today with my family on a beach in South Carolina.

But all that changed a couple of hours ago when I saw a note on Facebook by my very good friend Matt Burden from saying that a recent, but good friend of mine, Tim Hetherington had been killed in Libya.

As I sat by the pool in the warm sun, next to my wife while my youngest son swam nearby it was like someone had dropped a bucket of cold water on me from the top of the hotel. I sat right up and I think I let out a “you have got to be F@#$@ kidding me” or something probably close to that. It was just last night I was checking Facebook in the hotel and saw a posting from Tim saying he was in Libya doing what he loves to do, video and capture images from the war front so the rest of the world can see a glimpse of the horrors of war. When I saw his posting last night I dropped him a note asking him to be careful. More than likely it was too late, but who knows.

All I do know is that for a day last summer I got to be in his presence and do a great screening of RESTREPO in Albany, NY. Then we went out afterwards and closed a german pub together. He, Brendan O’Byrne from Battle Company, and my two team-mates from Afghanistan Prophet and Puss. Since that time Tim and I stayed in pretty good contact with each other, calling, emailing and texting every so often. He kept inviting me to come hang with him in NYC but the problem was he was usually never there when I was. I will miss that we never got that opportunity.

When he came out with this book INFIDEL, last year he made it a point to send me a signed copy. Needless to say that book and his words will be forever cherished.

Lastly I guess the only thing I can say and try to keep this on a positive note are that a mutual friend of Tim’s and mine and the reason I even got to know Tim sent me a very kind note with some great quotes from Tim that he said about me. She will never know how much that meant. I am forever grateful for that. I would also like to highlight again something my wife said today and that I mentioend earlier in this posting. “He died doing what he loved to do.” I guess in the grand scheme of things and with all the dumb ways to leave this earth that there are, there is no better way that that. In fact I am sure all of man-kind wishes for that to be the way, going out doing what you love to do.

God Speed my friend, you will surely be missed.

Tim, me and Brendan after the screening of Restrepo in Albany, NY


NOTE- This blog entry originally appeared at but they have removed it because it deals with an on-going legal case. So I am re-posting it here with a few updated edits. 

My very good friend, Top Talk Radio co-host and past Military blogger, Army Master Sergeant CJ Grisham was detained and then arrested a few weeks ago while on a hike in a rural area of Texas for carrying a personally-owned AR-15 rifle. I was notified soon after he was arrested that it happened and have had frequent conversations with him about it.

He is currently fighting this arrest which, based on the evidence I have seen so far, appears to be an unlawful arrest to me. In order to highlight what a small world it is, the Bell Country DA was my personal attorney about 23 years ago for a couple of civil needs. I was one of his first clients as a private practicing attorney and now he is the DA prosecuting one of my closest friends, who would have guessed this?

Anyway, CJ not only has an attorney but also a P.I. and is going to all lengths to defend himself and the rights that he and many of us have fought to protect and maintain. Needless to say this is not cheap and as a Sr. NCO in the Army he is not someone flush with cash so he has set up a crowdsourcing page to help raise the funds needed to fund the legal costs needed to protect his 2nd Amendment rights. He only needed about $11,000 for his attorney fees but as of April 17th he is up to over $29K raised. The way the Indiegogo site works, he cannot stop it. The fundraising campaign has to continue until the end date. I don’t want to divulge all the details, but CJ has plans to use the extra money raised for many other soldiers who have went through what he is now going through.

As part of his case, CJ and his attorney do not want this to be buried in the back page and want to make sure that this arrest is known to all. I want to make note that CJ was originally charged with “resisting arrest” but wasn’t arrested for anything else. I am not a lawyer, but I am not sure how someone can be arrested for “resisting” an arrest that didn’t happen. I would think someone would need to be arrested for something in the first place before they can be charged with resisting it. Well since that initial charge, I guess someone in the judicial system at Bell County realized the same thing and how foolish it was so they have since dropped the “resisting arrest” charge and now are charging him with “interrupting, disrupting, impeding and interfering with a peace officer while performing a duty. Again I question what his “duty” was. It wasn’t like he was responding to some other call or performing some duty that CJ disrupted. I think it is poor attempt to  justify an arrest based on weak circumstances. The full video of what CJ was able to record is available at

This story has also been all over the media circuit. You can see it at The Daily Caller, in the Army Times, on The Blaze, Fox News Radio, and today he was interviewed by Glenn Beck himself.

In addition to this being featured on several news outlets, this has caused quite a dialog back and forth by people with opinions on both sides. On the comical and sometimes off-color “Grunts, 11-Bravo” Facebook page the topic generate a flurry of comments back and forth about CJ’s case. The Grunts Facebook page along with other Facebook pages, his blogs and the Indiegogo page all have many comments on this matter, not to mention a slew of comments on all the websites mentioned above.

I am curious what your thoughts are, after reading this, the other sites and seeing the video yourself. Keep in mind that Texas law allows him to walk with a rifle and he has a  concealed carry permit. With all that said, what do you think? Was he treated wrongly? Was he within his rights? Were the officers justified and within the law to arrest him? If you comment I ask that you state your reasoning behind your opinion.