Loss of another brave soul for no reason

An Afghan teenager killed an American soldier in eastern Afghanistan by stabbing him in the neck while he played with a group of local children, officials said Monday.

May of 2012 I started calling for the immediate withdrawal of all of our soldiers since they are not allowed to do their jobs anymore of being an Army who’s job it is to kill bad guys and destroy our enemies. Telling out enemies when we will leave does nothing than embolden them to wait us out.

I have said it on this blog in the past, the Afghans have a saying of “The Americans may have the watches, but Afghans got the time” and now they know how long they have to wait for us to be gone. So why do we continue to keep soldiers on the front lines being wounded and dying for objectives (if there are any) that cannot be achieved by next year.

Lets be honest here, as the number of soldiers deployed to Afghanistan get cut over the next 20 months, the soldiers that are there will not be focusing on warfighting or even training Afghan forces. They will be focused on helping pack stuff up, closing up FOBs and shipping stuff home, which means we are essentially ending our kinetic operations a lot sooner than the end of 2014.

So I ask why are we going to hang around? Why are we going to watch our sons and daughters be murdered like the soldier mentioned above? Not just murdered, but murdered by a Afghan child who he was trying to bond with and show humanity to.

My heart bleeds for this family to know they lost their loved one via an unselfish act their soldier was performing trying bond with Afghan children.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/04/01/afghan-teenager-kills-us-soldier-by-stabbing-him-in-neck-military-officials-say/

Names of the Seven

DoD just released the names of the 7 brave warrior Marines who lost their lives while training to be the defenders of our country. As a career Mortarman and someone who has trained with Marine Mortarman this one hits especially close to home. I hope and pray that God wraps his arms not only around these young men, but especially their families and loved ones that they have left behind.

God Speed and Semper Fi…

Private First Class Joshua M. Martino

Lance Cpl. David P. Fenn II

Lance Cpl. Roger W. Muchnick Jr.

Lance Cpl. Joshua C. Taylor

Lance Cpl. Mason J. Vanderwork

Lance Cpl. William T. Wild IV

Corporal Aaron J. Ripperda


Why Sequestration will ruin our military, reason #10001

So now we face the threat of not being able to even training our soldiers and prep them for war?

Gen. Raymond Odierno, the Army chief of staff, said the military will be able to fund training and operations for combat units in Afghanistan now and for those deploying in the summer and fall. But he says there will be delays in training for those deploying in 2014. If those training delays can’t be made up, Odierno said he would have to send forces to war that aren’t ready or extend deployments of units already there. A number of combat brigades will be deploying later this year and next year, even as the U.S. winds down the war.

So what does this mean for one of the richest and most powerful countries in the world? It means that in a time where our soldiers are not stretched too thin we can’t afford to prepare soldiers properly and send them over to combat. Some may say “they all have combat experience, why do they need trained?”. Even though that is true for the most part, it does not mean they all have experience doing the job they would be doing on the next deployment. Guys who may be Company Commanders now, were maybe a platoon leader before or even an enlisted soldiers. NCOs who may be platoon sergeants now may have been a squad leader or team leader on the last deployment.

Not to mention that new equipment has been fielded, fixed, upgraded that soldiers need to train with and train on. Like the title says, this is probably reason 10001 why Sequestration is going to be very bad for our country and our military. Congress has to work together and get past this “my way or the highway” attitude they have had. March 1st is coming and when that date hits, all is going to hell in regards to the defense of our country. What you see in the news is the tip of the iceberg. Ranges on major military bases are being shut down, DA Civilians are being prepped to be furloughed without pay, government contracts are going to be allowed to expire, equipment is not going to be purchased or even reset for it to be continued to be used. That is what I can mention publicly, but just know this…for every “bad” thing you hear in the news about what the sequestration will do to our military, there are 1000 other worse things really happening on the back end.

Maybe this news story about how soldier’s combat tours are going to get extended because the United States of America can’t afford to prepare its son’s and daughters for combat will either motivate our elected officials to work together or at least get Americans to wake up and contact their elected officials and demand action.

Right now the most important thing effecting this country is not 30 round magazines, Obamacare or broken down cruise ships. It is this, the temporary destruction of our military readiness.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/02/15/army-may-have-to-extend-afghanistan-deployments-as-budget-cuts-will-limit/?test=latestnews#ixzz2L5FVi6UC

Biting the hand that feeds you

On Tuesday of this last week I was asked to be a guest again on the BBC’s World Have Your Say radio program. A show that I have been on more times than I can count. Most of the time it is about Afghanistan and last week was no different.

With Karzai coming into the US last Friday to meet with the President with a beggar’s hand and a slapping hand, they decided to call. They asked me if I had an opinion on him coming into town asking for more money at the same time while he is blaming us for all his country’s woes. They knew darn well I had an opinion and I was more than willing to share it.

I used to be a fan of Karzai a very long time ago, but that respect was lost as I watched him get drunk with power. It is one thing for him to shoot off at the mouth to his own people in order to look tough but something else when he starts talking smack to Americans. I don’t know who he thinks he is, but we have a saying in the US that says “never bite the hand that feeds you”.

Hamid Karzai, who will meet Barack Obama, wants Washington to stump up for planes, helicopters, heavy weapons and other advanced military equipment for Afghanistan‘s still-shaky armed forces. He also wants more aid money to be channelled through ministries rather than spent by western aid agencies.

So when you come asking for something you really should also slam the country and government you want free stuff from.

Karzai’s government in turn has accused the west of fuelling corruption and waste in the way it spends money in Afghanistan. The finance minister, Omar Zakhilwal, is pushing for more money to be put straight through the government budget to be spent by ministries like education and health, rather than channelled through foreign aid organisations.

“We believe that the way the US money is spent here, there’s a lot of waste, particularly money spent through contractors and outside sources,” Zakhilwal told the Wall Street Journal before the visit. Much of the aid cash flowed back to the US through “big consultant salaries and overheads”, he added.

So it is obvious that besides being drunk with power he is infected with stupidity. If he thinks that he is going to stand any chance of convincing an American people and Congress of continuing to give more money to his grotesquely corrupt government after giving them money and blood for the last 11 1/2 years, then he should really try to suck up a little bit.

Karzai has never stepped up to the plate to make his country truly take over the security and running the country the way it should have be. 11 1/2 years ago the SF team ODA574 helped escort Karzai into the country and keep him alive. 11 1/2 years and Karzai hasn’t been able to lead his citizens to truly stand up and care for their country. Even with billions in free money and the assistance of a huge coalition of countries, many of which gave their up their own son’s and daughters.

I think it is clear the reality is that Karzai is NOT the leader of Afghanistan or even the “Mayor of Kabul” for that matter. He needs to keep his mouth shut, take himself back to Afghanistan and do the country a favor, resign.

You can read a lot more at http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jan/07/afghan-president-washington-talks-military

Yet another reason to bring them home TODAY!

The draft handbook offers a list of “taboo conversation topics” that soldiers should avoid, including “making derogatory comments about the Taliban,” “advocating women’s rights,” “any criticism of pedophilia,” “directing any criticism toward Afghans,” “mentioning homosexuality and homosexual conduct” or “anything related to Islam,” according to the Journal.

Yes there is a new handbook being considered for our soldiers in Afghanistan that tells them to ignore some of the most basic human rights and values we as a sane western society adhere to, pedophilia.

I have written about this and many other atrocities conducted by the Afghan security forces that our soldiers have to deal with and struggle with in how to react. Now the Center for Army Lessons Learned has seriously drafted a handbook telling soldiers that speaking up about these and other “taboo” things in the Afghan lifestyle is why the forces we have been embedded with for 10 years are all of a sudden turning on us an trying to kill us.

The draft of the newest Army handbook seems to suggest that ignorance of Afghan culture is to blame for deadly attacks by Afghan soldiers against the coalition forces, according to The Wall Street Journal, which got a peek at the 75-page document. But its message of walking on eggshells around the locals is not going over well with U.S. Marine Gen. John Allen, the top military commander in Afghanistan.

Do they think our soldiers just recently started these practices? I was there FIVE years ago and I admonished Afghan soldiers for homosexual acts and drug use on missions, beastiality, and pedophilia among many other acts of indecency and unprofessionalism. There were green on blue acts back then but DOD and ISAF were not tracking them. They didn’t officially start that until 2009. However I never felt threatened by an Afghan for talking to them about these things. They only time I or anyone on my team felt threatened is when we tried to correct an act by an Afghan which put the lives of US soldiers, Afghan soldiers, Afghan civilians at risk or compromised a mission. Not every time these things happened, but some times when they did.

I am encouraged to see that Gen. Allen thinks this handbook is crap too.

“Gen. Allen did not author, nor does he intend to provide, a foreword,” said Col. Tom Collins, a spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan. “He does not approve of its contents.

As long as he holds his ground and is not forced by the administration to allow this handbook then maybe there is a chance this will never see the light of day. Regardless this just shows how disconnected some senior leaders in our military have become, along with other “experts”.

Whoever authored this handbook and approved it, needs to have their teeth kicked in and then sent to Afghanistan to live among the locals for a few months. Then I would like to see how touchy-feely and PC they would like to be.

They next thing they are going to say is that we should not talk bad about, cuss out, or say anything derogatory about the Taliban as it may upset them and encourage them to try and kill us.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/12/12/proposed-army-manual-tells-gis-not-to-insult-taliban-speak-up-for-women/#ixzz2EssTkYCx

Winter 2012 Afghanistan deployments announced

The winter 2012 Afghanistan deployments have been announced. The 101st and 10th Mountain continue to contribute to the war effort.

DOD Identifies Units for Upcoming Afghanistan Rotation


            The Department of Defense today identified three major units to deploy as part of the upcoming rotation of forces operating in Afghanistan.  The scheduled rotation involves two infantry brigade combat teams – one with roughly 1,400 personnel, the other with roughly 2,800 personnel – and one division headquarters with roughly 620 personnel to rotate in winter 2012 and spring 2013. The deploying units include:

Brigade Combat Teams:

1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum, N.Y.

4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Fort Campbell, Ky.

Division Headquarters:

101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Fort Campbell, Ky.

DoD will continue to announce major deployments as they are approved.  For information on these respective deployments, contact the following:  1st Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, contact the 10th Mountain Division public affairs officer at 315-772-7634; 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division and 101st Airborne Division Headquarters, contact the 101stAirborne Division public affairs officer at 270-798-9962.

The heathens we fight for

Afghan police have arrested two men in the murder of a 15-year-old girl after her father refused a marriage proposal, the Telegraph reports.

The girl reportedly was collecting water from a stream in her village in northern Afghanistan when she was attacked, and her throat slashed.

Police say one of the suspects recently proposed to marry the girl, but her father said she was too young to be engaged, the Telegraph reports.

“At this stage it looks like they wanted to marry her and the father refused, so they killed her,” said police spokesman Syed Sarwar Hosseini, according to the Telegraph.

Yes this is an example of the degenerate heathens that our men and women have been fighting for and why it is stories like this which have burned out America on giving a crap about Afghanistan. I am in no way saying that Americans are perfect and we don’t have degenerates like this living here but the morals (if there are any) among many in the Afghan culture are just absent or seriously skewed.

The Afghan government needs to crack down and start enforcing laws more sternly and without corruption for its people to realize that behaviors like this will not be tolerated.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2012/11/29/afghan-teen-reportedly-killed-over-refused-marriage-proposal/?test=latestnews#ixzz2DdNHHvjM

Three years ago today

It is so hard to believe that it has been three years since a US Army Officer put his religious fanaticism above his country, the peace his religion preaches and the lives of innocent lives and gun down 13 people at a soldier processing center in Ft. Hood TX.

I will never forget this as I just been on a business trip to Ft. Hood just a few days earlier and had driven by this processing center a few times. I had a good friend working on the base and he was the first to tell me about the shooting via txt message, before the news media had ever picked it up.

Three years and we are still waiting for this traitor to be tried in what is normally a very expedient justice system call the Uniformed Code of Military Justice. For the last several months Hasan has made a mockery of the rights we give the accused by refusing to comply with military dress and appearance standards by not shaving off his beard. A beard he says he should be allowed to have because of his religion, even though he never had one during his military service.

Either way, the families and the killed and wounded need to be able to move past this terrible day a little but and watch this piece of crap get his trial done and over-with. I hope they give him the death penalty, and I really hope that Mitt Romney wins the election and makes Hasan’s execution one of his first priorities.

Another reason to ask WHY?

20-year-old Mah Gul was beheaded by an assassin hired by her in-laws after she refused to have sexual relations with a man who was visiting their home in the Herat Province. As those who remember last year’s international headlines about Sahar Gul, a teenager rescued from the basement of her in-laws’ home by Afghan police — after months of torture and mutilation in retaliation for refusing to sell her sexual favors — the practice of prostituting daughter-in-laws is not as uncommon as one would hope.

Provincial Police Chief Abdul Ghafar Sayedzad told AFP that “We have arrested her mother-in-law, father-in-law, her husband and the man who killed her.” The in-laws had attempted to force Gul into prostitution “several times” in the scant four months since the young couple reportedly commenced their life of wedded bliss. The husband and his parents were taken into custody, along with the primary suspect,who is referred to by only one name, Najibullah.

This is another example of why our country is sick and tired of supporting a country which is barely two weeks out of the stone age. For someone to even think this is acceptable shows the lack of laws and threat of penalty.

You read stories like this and all you can do is shake your head and ask “Why…?”

Read the whole story at http://www.addictinginfo.org/2012/10/18/inlaws-behead-afghan-woman-for-refusing-prostitution-no-video-thank-god/

So….what now, can our troops come home?

The strategy for getting U.S. forces out of Afghanistan depends on training Afghan soldiers and police to protect the country themselves, but on Monday the U.S. military suspended most joint field operations with Afghan forces because so many Americans are being killed by the men they are training.

Afghan government troops — our allies — have turned their guns on NATO forces 36 times this year, killing 51, most of them Americans. That is more attacks than the last two years combined.

The order effectively suspends “until further notice” most of the operations which U.S. and Afghan troops conduct side by side. At higher headquarters, Afghans and Americans will still work together, but in the field small unit operations putting Afghan soldiers alongside Americans — the guts of the U.S. strategy to turn the fighting over to Afghans — will be suspended unless an exception is granted by a commanding general.

Ok, so the focus since 2002 has been to mentor, train and lead the Afghan security forces in a way that would enable them to have and maintain their own Army. In 2007 we began mentoring the National Police in order to teach them ethics, survivability, tactics, and many other tasks. So for 10 years we have been training and mentoring the Army, and for 5 years we have been doing this with the Police, but now all of that is on hold.

It pains me to even entertain the following words I am about to type, but to me it sounds like the enemy has won. There is no reason for us to be there. I have been saying for a while that we need to get out of Afghanistan since our troops are no longer allowed to wage war as we are trained to do, nor allowed to win by any means necessary. So if we are going to suspend the “primary” mission of our war efforts for the last ten years then it is time to leave, because for the last 10 years the way home and out of Afghanistan has been to train the Afghans to secure their own country and provide for its own defense.

Training together at the HQ in Kabul is not going to do squat for the military there, as the quote says, the “guts” of the mission is the small-unit mentoring. Just a few weeks ago it was announced that Special Forces teams had suspended their mentoring of Afghan Special Forces and Commando units, so it looks like this new strategy is spreading to all forces.

One last things I am wondering about…has everything that my team and the hundreds of other ETTs, STTs and any other coalition soldiers who have mentored Afghans done been in vain?

Ream more at http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-18563_162-57514546/u.s-military-suspends-joint-patrols-with-afghans/