Why a veteran is a great person to hire

I have talked about this many times on this blog, other blogs and my radio shows. In fact I can be a testament myself as to the effects of military service and how the life-skills it builds can benefit a company. Recently one of my sons turned me onto this blog from postgradproblems.com and why companies should be hiring Veterans.

First and foremost, veterans have a great attitude when it comes to work. No matter the task, they’ll get it done, or at least give it their all. They won’t show up late. They’re used to working overtime. They’re disciplined. Discipline, “the mental attitude and state of training that renders willing obedience instinctively under all conditions,” means that a veteran will do what they’re told and do it right—the first time, every time. A veteran isn’t likely to show up to work hungover on Monday, but if he does, he’ll work just as diligently, effectively, and efficiently as he would on any other day.

I love how the author even highlights the fact that even if a veteran shows up hungover they will probably still work as effectively as any other day.

Even with these benefits, and the fact that great organizations like the Chamber of Commerce’s Hire Our Heroes, HireHeroes, and companies like Buffalo Paradigm Company who are teaming up with the Better Business Bureau of Upstate NY to host a Veteran’s Job Fair as part of a Veteran’s Day 5K fund-raising run there is still ignorance on the part of many employers. Then there are groups like Get It Done Consulting who have a specialized training program for disabled veterans that gets them certified in Project Management and other business skills.

With all of those organizations and focus more awareness is needed and it is good to see it originating outside the military circles from places like postgradproblems.com. Be sure to check out and read the entire blog post at http://postgradproblems.com/why-every-business-should-hire-veterans/#DOsGBoYmwAeEoSrb.99


Happy Veteran’s Day

I wrote this the the other day for a Veteran’s Day tribute on VeteransUnited.com. I would like to share it here too.

There is a difference between wanting to go to war and willing to go to war. Veterans Day is all about recognizing and thanking those who were “willing” to do the tough job that may be asked of our military. This day is for everyone who has served, from the airman who served three years in the 1980s and never saw combat, to the Soldier who served 20+ years and maybe spent a couple of years in combat. Regardless of branch, time spent serving or where they served, every man and woman who raised their hands and swore the oath to defend our country deserves to be thanked.

So please take a moment and thank anyone and everyone you know who ever raised their hand to “defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

For those veterans who read this blog, be sure and check out the links below in order to find great deals and offerings for you, on your day.

Happy Veteran’s Day…

From Bouhammer.com

Veteran’s Day activities across the country

VeteransOwnedBusiness.com has put together a great list of Veteran Day events across the country for this weekend. Rather that re-type it all here I figured it would be easier if I just pasted the link for you to check it out and see if there is something happening where you live.



Need a VA Loan?

You may have noticed the Advertisement here on the right side of the blog about VA Loans. That is from my good friends over at Veteran’s United Home Loan (AKA VAMC) and the reason I put it so prominently there is because that is a huge benefit that not all veterans realize they qualify for. Every house I have ever purchased has been via a VA backed loan and I can tell from personal experience it is a benefit that those who don’t qualify wish they could get.

The reason I have the ad there is for you to click on and read the basics of a VA loan and if interested, to see if you qualify. Of course there is a lot more to getting a VA loan then just a few mouse clicks, but hey it gets you started.

So if you know or think you qualify check it out. The people at VUHL are awesome, and not just because they sponsor the You Served Blog and Radio show, but because they truly care. I have referred many friends to them and those friends have been treated well and with integrity. I have even talked to them about a re-finance and they were upfront and honest when they told me that there may be other places that could even give me a better deal then they could at the time.

So head over to http://www.bouhammer.com/va-loans/ and check out some of the info there to see if this could be a benefit for you as part of your military service.

A party for you!**- UPDATED

**If you live in or near the Philly area.

My good friends over at Ranger Up are sponsoring what they call the greatest Tailgate party in the history of Rugby. They are offering free tickets to veterans both past and present.


If you would like to attend this awesome event, can get to Philadelphia, PA on June 2-3 and you are a veteran of any branch or any component then this is a party for you. All you have to do is email trex@rangerup.com with your name and number of tickets needed. Food, drink, booze will all be provided for free.

Even if you have never watched Rugby or care about it, I guarantee you that this will be a party you don’t want to miss.

UPDATE- More info can be found at http://rhinoden.rangerup.com/free-beer/

Banana Republic Stores honoring our military, but HURRY!


Banana Republic stores are doing a little something to honor our military and give them a break on clothes. If you are a military member, retired, veteran, or a military family member they are giving you 50% off of up to three full-price items through Sunday, January 22nd. Sorry for the late notice but tomorrow is the last day.

After that they are giving the same folks 15% off all items from January 23-31.

Please check out http://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse/info.do?cid=76923&mlink=5001,4470740,21&clink=4470740 to learn more.

Spread the word, tell your friends, family, family readiness groups and units about this awesome deal

Can troops start getting through the airports quicker?

This is great news if it goes through. It is about time that our troops who are in uniform, boots, etc. traveling through the airport on official duty get a break and not have to half-strip and be hassled over dog-tags and boots. It is a shame it has taken this long to actually be considered by our Congress or that TSA has never made this standard Operating Procedure already.

The House on Tuesday (Nov. 29th) voted unanimously to allow military travelers on official duty to get a special preference to move through airport security checks faster.
The bill, approved 404-0, would give the Homeland Security Department six months to devise a preference system for the armed forces. The legislation went to the Senate.

If the bill becomes law, the earliest beneficiaries would likely be troops returning from Afghanistan next year and their family members, who also would receive preferential treatment.
The government already has initiated, and is expanding, a more intelligence-driven trusted traveler program for civilians. Participants include travelers in American and Delta airlines’ frequent flier programs as well as people who are part of three other programs. These people volunteer more information about themselves so that the government can vet them before they arrive at airport security checkpoints.

Chief sponsor Chip Cravaack, R-Minn., said it takes longer for men and women in uniform to pass through security because of their gear, medals on their uniforms and boots that must be unlaced. Allowing them through security more quickly would speed up the waiting time for those not part of a preference program, he said.

Read the whole story at http://www.military.com/news/article/house-votes-to-ease-airport-screening-for-troops.html

TSA Security Checkpoint photo by Bigstock.com

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Matt Goss, Caesars Palace and Bouhammer team up for Veterans

If you are a veteran (current or past) and would like to attend the Veterans Day event below, please contact me at admin@bouhammer.com

LAS VEGAS (Nov. 05, 2011) – British singing sensation Matt Goss, in conjunction with Bouhammer’s Afghan and Military Blog (http://www.bouhammer.com), is celebrating Veterans and honoring those who serve with complimentary tickets to his show Friday, Nov. 11 and Saturday, Nov. 12 in the Gossy Room at Caesars Palace.

“It’s important to raise awareness of the heroic acts these Veterans perform on a daily basis,” said Goss. “I’m honored to give this group a much deserved, enjoyable night out.”

Invited Veterans will receive complimentary entrance to the show for themselves and a guest, dinner and a meet and greet opportunity with Goss prior to the show.

Veterans Day (originally Remembrance Day) is a day remembered by countries all over the world, originally in recognition of the end of World War I. For additional information on Bouhammer’s Afghan and Military Blog, please visit Bouhammer.com.

All performances are held inside the Gossy Room at Caesars Palace and begin at 9:30 p.m. General admission tickets are priced at $40 (inclusive of entertainment tax). Tickets can be purchased in person at the Colosseum Box Office at Caesars Palace or by phone 1-800-745-3000 or on www.ticketmaster.com keyword: Matt Goss. A service charge applies to Ticketmaster purchases.

Presented by Robin Antin, creator of The Pussycat Dolls, Goss’s show offers a dynamic blend of musical talent; backed by a nine-piece band and sexy female dancers known as “The Dirty Virgins,” Goss entertains guests with a production featuring a mix of his career hits, songs from his new album and popular covers.

Goss has sold more than 17 million albums worldwide and is recognized for his appreciation of classic hits made famous by the Rat Pack. In his show at Caesars Palace, Goss performs “I’ve Got the World on a String” and “Luck be a Lady,” recorded by the legendary Frank Sinatra, who headlined numerous dates at Caesars Palace from 1968 to 1983.

About Matt Goss
Matt Goss reached international fame as the lead singer of ’80s British pop group Bros, enjoying more than a decade of success with more than 17 million records sold worldwide. Bros was the first band since Elvis to knock themselves off of the #1 spot in Australia and held a #1 spot in 19 countries simultaneously. In addition to his successful music career, Goss released an autobiography in 2005 achieving Best Seller status in the coveted London Sunday Times. Goss has gone on to focus on songwriting including writing the theme song for the #1 FOX program “So You Think You Can Dance” and writing the hit song “Change Me” for Keri Hilson and Akon which is featured on Hilson’s current chart-topping album In A Perfect World. Goss currently lives in Los Angeles where he is recording his next studio album. In September 2010, Goss released his first children’s book, “Bear Crimbo,” which is the first of a three-book deal. For more information about Matt Goss, visit http://www.mattgoss.biz.

About Caesars Palace
Reigning at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, Caesars Palace features 3,300 hotel guest rooms and suites, including the 180-room Nobu Hotel set to open in 2012; and 25 diverse restaurants and cafes, including the 24-hour café Central by James Beard award-winning Chef Michel Richard. The 85-acre resort offers nearly 129,000 square-feet of casino space including a 14,000 square-foot poker room; a five-acre Garden of the Gods pool complex showcasing eight pools and two gardens; the 50,000 square-foot award-winning Qua Baths & Spa and Color Salon by renowned celebrity colorist Michael Boychuck; five elegant wedding chapels and outdoor gardens; 300,000 square-feet of premium meeting and convention space; and the acclaimed 683,000-square-foot Forum Shops offering more than 180 boutiques and dining establishments. Caesars guests enjoy Cascata, one of the world’s most exclusive golf courses; and the 4,300-seat Colosseum spotlighting world class entertainers such as Celine Dion, Jerry Seinfeld, Rod Stewart, Elton John and Shania Twain (beginning December 2012). For more information, please visit http://www.caesarspalace.com or http://caesars.thedigitalcenter.com to access media materials and request high-resolution images. Find Caesars Palace on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

Caesars Palace, along with all Caesars Entertainment Las Vegas resorts, including Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Paris Las Vegas, Flamingo Las Vegas, Harrah’s, Bally’s, Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, Imperial Palace and Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Saloon, proudly prohibit adding mandatory resort fees to hotel guest room rates. For information on No Resort Fees visit www.caesars.com/noresortfees or find details on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/noresortfees.

About Bouhammer’s Afghan and Military Blog
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Melanie Shafer
Public Relations Specialist
Caesars Entertainment – Las Vegas Region
(702) 794-3137

Troy Steward
Bouhammer Enterprises, LLC

Are MRI Machines needed in Afghanistan?

Troops in Afghanistan may have to wait 10 to 12 months for advanced medical machinery for treating concussions, raising concerns among top military leaders that the equipment will not be available for potentially hundreds of sevice members with mild brain injuries.

I read this story the other day and I was amazed that some of the top Service and Combat Commanders are asking for this common medical technology but some doctors in the services are disputing the effectiveness of these technologies,

Army surgeon-general Lt. Gen. Eric Schoomaker said that although an MRI is a helpful tool in battlefield care, it is not essential for diagnosis.

The Navy surgeon-general, Vice Adm. Adam Robinson, echoed the view that an MRI is primarily a research tool.

Rather than saying “no” and saying they don’t agree with the top Commanders, these medical professionals need to be presenting their cases to the Commanders and either showing they are right and the Commanders are wrong or they need to have their minds changed and support the Commanders’ request.

Without an urgent demand, the two machines for $9 million must be acquired through competitive bidding, the Navy says. They will not reach Afghanistan until August at the earliest, Robinson says.

More than 300 U.S. troops per month suffered concussions last year in Afghanistan. Mullen’s science adviser, Army Col. Christian Macedonia, said if purchased outright, without competitive bidding, MRI machines could go to the war zone in a period of weeks.

So because of acquisition rules and policies about the urgent need of these the MRI machines will take months to go forward and be used rather than weeks which is how fast it could be done.

I bet if some of our Representatives in Congress starting applying some pressure or if the mainstream media started talking about this then those machines would be on the next plane heading east. But until then, I guess it will fall on Army Times and MilBlogs to get the word out.

Read the whole story at http://www.armytimes.com/news/2011/04/gannett-no-mris-in-afghanistan-041511/