Isn’t it funny?


Isn’t it funny that if some questionable organization nobody ever heard about makes a video about a warlord in Africa nobody had ever heard about goes viral and then our country all of sudden deploys Special Forces soldiers there to help hunt for him?

Isn’t it funny that when our Secretary of State goes to one of what was our strongest allies to forge a cease-fire he fails miserably?

Isn’t it funny when a liberal Prime Minister from our strongest ally in the world shows more backbone towards a common enemy (then our President) and doesn’t care about mincing words to be P.C.?

Isn’t it funny that our Administration can send three representatives to the funeral of some normal american young man who happened to be killed by a police officer defending himself after committing a crime but not send any to a Two-star General murdered in combat?

Isn’t it funny that we just throw out words when our citizens and innocent journalists are be-headed on video instead of bullets and bombs? Where are the SF teams to hunt these guys down? Where are the strong (and tangible) words from our President?


No, NO, none of that is funny and all of that is very, VERY serious.

Thanks a lot 51% of America for putting impudence, not once, but twice into the leadership of this country. Hope you are proud of yourselves.

What do you think?

Time for a Change

Guardian readers views on US foreign policy

Well I have decided that it is time for a change here at

The war in Afghanistan is winding down and before we know it there may be little to know troops left there. There are also troops still deployed all over the world and we are continuing to push them into different countries for a variety of reasons from saving innocent people to wanting to train local security forces to protect their own country.

In addition, our Country and its Foreign Policy or lack thereof continue to shape and mold how our citizens and our leaders view our place in the world and when or where our forces should go.

This blog focusing on the Afghanistan region almost exclusively has come to and end. I feel it is time for me to expand the scope to Military in general, Foreign Policy and even a little politics every once in a while. Afghanistan, my time there, and the legacy it will leave in our history will still be part of this blog, however it won’t be what I focus on all the time.

When I came back from Afghanistan, it was a decision point to decide if I would keep this blog going, then after 3-4 months of blogging about my reunification I had another decision point. Then about 6 months ago I started wondering again if I should keep it up and keep blogging. So here we are again, and again I have decided to keep it up but blog about more things than just the Ak-Pak region.

So with all of that, welcome to the new and re-focused Bouhammer’s Blog.

What a story of courage and unselfishness

During a time of year and a culture of  “I got mine” and “Its all about me” it is very refreshing to read a awe-inspiring story of a pair of soldiers who were completely unselfish and tried to save each other’s lives, all while being willing to give up their own.

These men are true heroes and I am glad to see they were recognized as such.



Two members of the Golden Knights parachute team were tangled together, plummeting to Earth at 65 mph with little chance of survival.

One of them, Sgt. David Echeverry, was being strangled by a parachute cord. He knew that he and his teammate, Staff Sgt. Christopher Clark, couldn’t survive if they remained entwined. So in his last moments of consciousness, he pulled his release cord, hoping to give his partner a chance.

His last thoughts, he said, were of his wife, Rachel, and his two children – 3-year-old Jacob and 16-month-old Elijah.

A few seconds later, when Echeverry thought he should have been dead, he came to – and found himself dangling from Clark, who held onto Echeverry’s lines with all of his strength.

Read the whole story at


The end of 2012


This was probably my lightest year in blogging since I started in 2006. It was a tough year to keep up with everything in life, work and of course with what it takes to keep relevant information on this blog. It is not that I don’t have things to write about, I have plenty. It is just finding the time to do so around everything else going on.

I actually have several book reviews which are ready for me to finish and post, and I am going to make those a priority in 2013. It is the least I can do for those who sent be books on their own accord and asked that I review them.

Between reviews, a long saved list of stories and articles and still the every day happenings in Afghanistan there is a lot to talk about. I promise to do my best and be on top of things a little more in producing content, as I have no intention of abandoning this blog quite yet. There are still too many readers of this blog who look for stories on the Af-Pak region, are curious of mine and other opinions, and who just like what they read here.

I also typically change he theme on the blog around every January 1st, but to be honest I am really happy with the current theme and can’t find any out there that I think look better. So unless I do, I will leave the look and feel of this blog as is.

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and I hope you have a wonderful and prosperous 2013.

A day I hope our country never forgets

Every time my family goes to Hawaii, the USS Arizona is always on the agenda and is always as interesting as the first time. These pictures are from my last trip there in 2010.

We have the Alamo, Pearl Harbor and 9/11. All days which the generations that lived during the time will never forget, but I hope our country always remembers also and never forgets.

“The tears of the Arizona” as they call it. Oil is still leaking from the USS Arizona, even today.

A portion of the ship that can still be seen just below the surface of the water.

The American Flag which flies above the Memorial

A ladder leading down one into the ship

Memorial Wall inside the Memorial

My son pointing to the map where the USS Arizona was on the dark day of Dec 7th, 1941.

The memorial on the way out to it.

Have you got your Tweet on?


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Spring 2012 Rotation of new units to Afghanistan announced


DOD announced new units today which will be rotating in over the next few months. There are a few things I have noticed over the last few rotations announcements. No more National Guard units being activated and deployed and what seems to be a lot more higher headquarters and not as many trigger-pullers.

In my humble opinion, the last thing Afghanistan needs is more people running around looking for uniform violations and seeing who is wearing a reflective belt or not. They need more guys willing to go “outside the wire” and do the hard job that needs to be done.

Aw well, I guess that is why they don’t allow senior NCOs to become Generals…

DOD Identifies Units for Upcoming Afghanistan Rotation

The Department of Defense announced today three major units to deploy as part of the upcoming rotation of forces operating in Afghanistan. The Spring 2012 scheduled rotation involves one corps headquarters with more than 500 personnel; one division headquarters with more than 700 personnel; and a brigade combat team with more than 3,000 personnel to include:

Headquarters units:

V Corps Headquarters, Wiesbaden, Germany

1st Infantry Division Headquarters, Fort Riley, Kan.

Brigade Combat Team:

4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Carson, Colo. and NRA team up


I am so very happy and humbled to announce that the NRA’s Life of Duty TV website and have teamed up to bring viewers of the NRA’s website a special Bouhammer page that will feature blog posts from this blog, my recommended NRA LOD videos and links to some of my favorite charities. Books for Soldiers, Soldiers Angels, Not Alone and Fisher House are all listed on the site with links to their website and explanations of each charity.

In addition to my recommended videos, there are many other really great ones on there to watch. I will be continually checking them out and adding some to my recommended viewing list on there from time to time. I urge you to check them all out yourself.

You can check out this special Bouhammer endorsed page by clicking the graphic below or by clicking the one in the right sidebar under the Bouhammer Endorsed Ads section header. gets a new look for 2012


I normally try to roll out a new look for at the start of every year. This year was a little crazy with things so I didn’t have it ready for January 1st, but it is ready now and the website has a new look to it.

As you can see I decided to add some new color to it and spice it up a bit. I hope you like it and I look forward to your feedback. Is it easier to read, cleaner, hard on the eyes or do you not like change. Let me know by posting a comment to this post.