So HE wants to be called a she, so HE can feel better about himself huh? “This is an important distinction for Chelsea, both personally and legally,” attorney Nancy Hollander tells PEOPLE. Hollander, who is handling the criminal appeal in Manning’s case, filed the motion regarding the use of pronouns. […]

Bless his heart…

I am very proud to announce that is back up online with its new look, feel, and content. Sorry it was down for a few days but there was a lot of work to do in order to find the proper new look that was needed. I hope you […]

Bouhammer is back up and online

There are major changes coming to this site and how it looks and behaves. This may cause this site to offline several times over the next couple of weeks while I test-run the new interface. Don’t worry it will be back and will look better than ever and have new […]

Changes are coming

Well I have decided that it is time for a change here at The war in Afghanistan is winding down and before we know it there may be little to know troops left there. There are also troops still deployed all over the world and we are continuing to […]

Time for a Change

During a time of year and a culture of  “I got mine” and “Its all about me” it is very refreshing to read a awe-inspiring story of a pair of soldiers who were completely unselfish and tried to save each other’s lives, all while being willing to give up their […]

What a story of courage and unselfishness