Bouhammer Ranting

I first brought this up a couple of years ago and wanted to raise up the topic again. For years I have struggled with how to address Memorial Day when greeting people on this weekend. I know many of my brethren have told me they sometimes struggle with the same […]

In 2007, a few months before I left Afghanistan, we had heard that ISAF or some level of command had instituted a “Drive Safe Afghanistan” campaign where they were trying to order coalition forces┬ánot┬áto block off the roads while convoying and to allow civilian traffic to be in between vehicles […]

The Afghan president has ordered US special forces to leave Wardak province within two weeks. The decision was being taken due to allegations of disappearances and torture by Afghans considered to be part of US special forces, said a spokesman for Hamid Karzai. The strategically significant, central province of Wardak […]