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A new online show will be hitting the online airwaves on August 11th, 2015, and then airing every Tuesday night after that starting at 8PM EST. It will be broadcasted live on Blog Talk Radio at This is a show that will focus on Security, Policy, Politics and Selfless Service. It will last 90 minutes per show and feature around two guest per show.

Check out to learn more and for links to the show’s Facebook Page and Twitter.

Top Talk discusses Military Sexual Assault tonight

Top Talk Radio ( has taken off like crazy since its launch on January 16th, 2013. The guests we have had on the show have been fabulous, and tonight’s show is no different. April is Sexual Assault Awareness month ( so CJ and I are dedicating tonight’s show to the topic of Military Sexual Trauma.

Sexual Assault in the military is a rising problem (in my opinion 2nd worst problem behind suicide in the military)  and is something we want to make America aware about. It is a taboo sort of topic that does not get a lot of coverage in the news so this is out attempt at getting the word out there. It is one that is both embarrassing for the victim and the military as a whole. We would love to think that every service member is honorable and has values and morals but the truth is, just like in our society, that is not always the case. The convicted have ranged from lower enlisted to Drill Sergeants to senior leaders. There is even an ongoing trial right now where a One-star General is accused of such acts.

CJ and I will have several guests on who have been victims of sexual assault during their military service. These guests are both female and male, which is important because this is not just a female problem. We are hoping other people will listen to the show, and if motivated to do so, call in if they have personal stories that they would feel comfortable sharing. It may not be something they were directly involved in, but maybe a connection they have to a case.

We will be talking about the impact these acts have on the victim, their loved ones, the unit and the military as a whole. This is a tough topic but one that needs to be covered. We hope that by covering this topic tonight on Top Talk, it will encourage other victims who may have stayed silent and are still fighting with demons today to come forward and seek help and move beyond such horrific events.

Please join us starting 8:30PM ET on as our show runs every Wednesday night from 8:30-10:00PM. Also be sure to check out our Facebook page at or on twitter at If you can’t listen over the internet and would like to call in and listen or would like to call in to comment or ask a question, you can dial 323-580-5659.


I am proud to announce the launch of “Top Talk” on Jan 16th from 8:30-10PM ET. Top Talk is hosted and produced by CJ and myself and will be a show focused on military related affairs, the Constitution, and Patriotism. It will be hosted on BTR and will occur every week on Wednesday nights at the same time. The show’s location to listen live and catch archive shows will be at

We will host guests that fall within the purview of the show’s focus plus we will have some new features on the show like we have never done before. There is a Facebook page established for the show at and a twitter account We don’t foresee any additional online presence except for these two sites. Be sure and follow the show on Twitter and “Like” it on Facebook to keep up on things with the show.

One feature we will have is a segment called “Ask Top!” The point of the segment is similar to a mix of Dear Abbey and‘s Ask an Infantryman. We are looking for people to pose real-world questions to us dealing with leadership, leadership issues or how to deal with certain situations from a 1SG’s point of view. We are also looking for satirical or not-so-serious questions that someone may want to ask to get a “comical” reply by a 1SG. We will pick different questions every week from those emailed to us, written on the FB page or tweeted to us and will answer them on air. Who knows we may even respond to some on email or twitter if we know we aren’t going to get to them all on air. You can email questions to if you would like.

We are also planing to sell advertising spots for the show. So if your business or one you know of is interested in buying radio advertising time on a show that already has a huge military-focused fan base before it even launches please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We hope you will join us on our first and many other shows. We really think the new show, format, etc. are going to be a big hit with past fans of radio shows and new ones. Of course anything you can do to help spread the word through your contacts, Facebook, twitter, blogs, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like a little history of the First Sergeant rank and why it has some of the nicknames it does, check out


I just wrapped up the last episode of You Served Radio and it was sad to do but it was necessary. Tonight’s episode (which can be heard anytime along with any of the previous 219 episodes at was a night to reflect back at the last 4+ years of broadcasts. I used to write on upwards of 5 blogs and host the show all at the same time. But times have changed and I have to re-focus on what I spend my time on (what time I have).

Regular readers of this blog know that my writings here have even been sporadic and sparse compared to that they have been like over the years. So maybe now I can get back to some blogging here with regularity.

Anyway I wrote up a post over at that talks about tonight’s show and the last 4+ years of hosting it. If you are interested, I suggest heading over to and giving it a read. I pretty much said everything over there.

We are coming into 2013 soon, I will be on a new show and if I follow tradition this blog will get a whole new look at the first of the year. However for now, You Served Radio had a great run, but it now a thing of the past…..

2012 Milblog Weekend

I have written part one of a two part blog series on my review of the 2012 Milblog Conference Weekend. As with previous years, I was honored to have nominated for the Best Veteran Milblog of the year, but just like previous years I didn’t win…again.

Well I sort of didn’t win, because the one of the other blogs I write on, (the 2nd most behind this site) did win in the Veteran Category. I, along with my good friend Marcus, were honored to accept it on behalf of all the bloggers at In addition to that honor You Served Blog was honored by USAA as the Military Blogger of the month for May.

Head over to and check out the 1st part of my review. Part two will be posted tomorrow morning, so be sure and check back there.

2012 Milblogger Family Reunion Details Annnounced!

*BOUHAMMER NOTE- As a proud member of the You Served Blog and Radio Show crew, I am honored to be part of putting on such a great event.*


The general details of the 2012 Milblogger Family Reunion sponsored by You Served and Veterans United Home Loans have been put together and we are happy to announce them here.  This is open to anyone who wishes to join us, including milbloggers, supporters, non-military bloggers, family members and kids.  The more the merrier!

When: Friday, August 31, 2012-Sunday, September 2, 2012.

Where: San Antonio, Texas

Tentatively scheduled Events:

Friday, 8/31/12
Travel day in for everyone

6pm-12 midnight:  Party with beer and light foods at the Soldiers Angels Warehouse

The party is BYOB but a keg of beer will be provided, courtesy of VUHL.  We will have sodas and water as mixers and for those choosing to not drink.  Foods will be light fare, this is not a fully catered dinner event, but a social meet and greet amongst friends and family.

Dress code is casual, jeans and t-shirt type of thing.  We’d love everyone to wear a red shirt for Red Shirt Friday to support our military!  Ranger Up, Soldiers Angels, and many other military friendly organizations have their own version of red shirts, so let’s all make it a sea of red support!

Saturday, 9/1/12
10am – approx 11:30am: Discussion group addressing PTSD, suicide prevention, and reintegration.  We hope everyone can come join us for this because anyone who has contact with military people are familiar with these topics.  Whether it is a tough reintegration into family, suicidal thoughts, struggling with PTSD, or even a smooth transition, everyone has a story to tell.  We’re hoping to be able to share resources and ideas on how to reach out to those who are unfamiliar with the military system (those moms back home in “Podunk”, Anywhere USA who have a son struggling and who don’t know where to turn to for help!!).  This is not a “panel of experts” talking to us, this will be all of us discussing problems and solutions.  There will be a few guests who will start off the discussion by telling their own stories, but it will be opened up to the whole floor after that.

11:30am-2pm: Break for lunch, tour the SA warehouse, pack some care packages for soldiers overseas, etc

2pm-4pm: The afternoon panel will cover one of two topics. The first potential topic is for the discussion group to meet with some recovering warriors from BAMC and discuss the role of social and new media with recovery. Things to be discussed would be the creation of social media groups, pages, twitter accounts for recovering warfighters, does it hurt or help? Is that an infringement on privacy and what are the opinions of those recovering themselves. Do they like it, hate it, don’t care? Does it help to post updates on social media or blogs during recovery? Who is that for, the patient or family/friends?

The other possible topic is what milblogs can do in the next phase of the war effort, homecoming and after. This discussion would focus on what milblogs and social media can do to assist our warriors after the flags get put away and hugs end. What next for the warrior? How do they transition to a pure civilian life? What resources are out there for job hunting, counseling, peer groups, etc. Wars end (thankfully) but the effects don’t, which means our support of these men and women should not end when there are no more care packages to send. How can we as a loose online community ensure that support is still there.

The afternoon panel (regardless of which one is decided upon) will be facilitated by someone to keep the discussion moving forward and on topic.

4pm-6pm: TBD – there is something in the works and when it is confirmed, we will announce it

6pm: End of day’s events.  Everyone finds their own dinner and entertainment

Sunday, 9/2/12
10am: Free screening of Bards of War with producer/director, Scott Kesterson, there to answer questions

There is a block of hotel rooms at the Comfort Suites (6350 I-35 N., San Antonio, TX
Phone: (210) 646-6600) reserved at a rate of $69/night for those who will be attending.  When making reservations, mention “Soldiers Angels” to get the rate.

There is no registration fee and so this is a low-cost event where everyone is on their own.  If you are going to attend, please register online.  If you have a Facebook account, follow the event page for updates or find a roommate (if needed).

With the help of Soldiers Angels, we’ve secured a free gathering site and a lower room rate, but transportation between the hotel and the warehouse are your responsibility.  Some of us will have minivans, so we can carpool with our friends, and there are cabs available (the hotel is about a mile away from the warehouse so a shared cab should be very reasonable).  If there is an overwhelming response, we will look into getting some sort of limo-bus for the Friday night social, but there is no guarantee and is contingent upon numbers planning to attend and interest in this transportation option.

There may be some future changes in the tentative schedule for the day’s events on Saturday, but in general, this is what we are looking to do.  Either way, we are really looking forward to seeing all our friends and milblogger family members again!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Marcus Penn at mpenn-at-veteransunited-DOT-com.

A trip to Iraq

Please check out and read the quick story written by Gold Star Dad, Mr. Robert Stokley within days of his return back to the USA from Iraq. In a mission that took almost a year in the planning and was completely covert, he was able to go into Iraq to visit the area where his son was killed. At you can read his feelings after just returning. 

It is a tissue alert, but a powerful dispatch to read and digest. After reading it be sure and tune into You Served Radio ( next Tuesday on December 6th from 8-10PM EST to listen to my good friend, Soldiers’ Angels Executive Director, author and documentary film star, Toby Nunn reflect on and discuss this trip and share the details from these 108+ hours. 

RESTREPO coming and Sebastian Junger on You Served Radio

Don’t forget that next Tuesday, July 6th is the premier showing of RESTREPO in Albany, NY which is being brought to you by this site, If you can get to Albany or are in the area, email to reserve your tickets TODAY!! Seating is limited.

Also, since I am talking about RESTREPO, tune in tonight to You Served Radio at to listen to author Sebastian Junger who is the author of the book that is partnered with this film talk about the book, the film and his experiences in Afghanistan.

Below is a new trailer and different from what I have posted here before. Please take a moment to watch it.