Video portrayal of David Bellavia’s actions in Iraq

I found this video today thanks to David himself. I had no idea that someone had created a re-enactment of one of his actions in Iraq in 2004. Not just any action but the one for which he was and still is recommended for the Medal of Honor. David is a friend and I am glad to call him such. 

I talked about David’s book, House to House, which has this one incident documented in great detail along with a whole lots more from this tour. You can read that posting at:

Take a minute and listen to David talk about this one particular day as they show the re-enactment and then go check out the book at:  because you won’t be disappointed in reading it. 



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  1. Nora HollowayNo Gravatar says:

    I’m definitely going to have to read this book. Thanks for the recommendation!

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