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8 thoughts on “When the line is crossed

  • Elmo

    I respectfully disagree.

    The video is not poking fun at wounded solders. We know that there are soldiers who have lost limbs and worked extra hard not to be separated from their units. This is not in any way disrespectful to those soldiers.

    What the Onion is doing, is highlighting the well-known fact that soldiers are being sent back for tour after tour and that each added tour increases the likelihood that the soldier will become a casualty. Add to that the continual stress on the recruiting mission, and it isn’t difficult to imagine some brasshats in the Pentagon suggesting that lacking a limb or an eye may be something that can be accommodated in the field.

    There are people who read the Onion who have no feelings for soldiers, sailors, and marines. People who never had a family member serve. A satire like this, is one way to get the message to those who are otherwise clueless.

    • Bouhammer Post author

      Elmo, it appears that the CEO of the Onion agrees with us and not with you. The bottom line is this, Perception is reality. If many of us in the milblog world perceived it as disrespecting to soldiers, if our readers perceived it that way, and more importantly troops serving overseas perceive it that way….well then it is that way!.

      You can spin it however you would like, but your comments are falling on deaf ears here.

      There are soldiers who are amputees serving in theatre and in combat. However they fought hard to do that and had to perform at the same level as their fellow soldiers who have all their parts in order to do that. These troops are back over there because they WANT to, not becuase they are MADE to. To suggest that anyone in leadership positions would remotely entertain the idea of forcing troops back who are disabled is ludicrous. This shows a true lack of respect that you have for the military leadership at all levels of our Government.

  • Twana Blevins

    Thank you so much for posting this. That is exactly where I draw the line too. Come after me, I say bring it on, but go after the very ones who are sacrificing so much to keep our country free and also freeing many other peoples….that’s where the fight is on. Thank you again.