22 Veterans a Day

22 VETERANS A DAY The number “22” is quickly becoming an iconic number. Especially among those of us whom have served during this time of war for our nation. The number 22 has come to remind me of the devastating loss of possibly the best human beings I have ever had the ability to even […]


Welcome John!

Welcome to the blogging crew of Bouhammer, Mr. John McDonald. John is retired Army Sergeant First Class, having served 22 years active service with 2 years as a Drill Sergeant, culminating as “acting 1sg” and NCOIC of Shell Army Airfield Fort Rucker Alabama. Looking forward to his contributions and perspective here on bouhammer.com

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Another Update on LTC Amerine

The other day I wrote this POST about my friend LTC Jason Amerine. It seems that Rep. Duncan Hunter recently got a chance to ask the SecDef and CJCS himself about the investigation.    


The right thing to do

  Jason Amerine is the poster child for Quiet Professional, Hero, Patriot, Duty, Honor, Country and above all, Self-less Service. Jason is also someone I consider a friend outside of all of that. I first wrote about Jason on this blog at http://www.bouhammer.com/2010/02/book-review-the-only-thing-worth-dying-for/ when I did a book review of Eric Blehm’s book The Only Thing […]

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Standards held and the system worked

According to The Havok Journal, the standards have been upheld and integrity prevails. This has been the main concern of every soldier and veteran I know that has an opinion about this. Now, we are told, the female candidates have been completely dropped from the course, bringing an end to the Army’s first experiment with […]